This bombshell report just exposed the globalist organization

Photo by World Economic Forum, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia,

Woke left-wing extremists are pushing their extremist ideology on American children at an unprecedented rate.

And Major corporations are helping to push this indoctrination on adults and children across the country.

Now a new report is showing that the transgender movement is being funded by this globalist group. 

Former LGBTQ activist turned women’s activist gives an inside look at transgender ideologies

A women’s rights activist by the name of Kay Yang recently revealed that she could explain why major corporations around the world are pushing radical left-wing gender ideology, despite stiff opposition from consumers. 

According to Yang, radical left-wing gender ideology is rooted in a philosophical movement that hopes to encourage people to take control of their identity, and ultimately, accept customization of their bodies with not only sex-change operations, but also technological advancements.

The left-wing activist previously focused her efforts LGBTQ activism before recognizing what was occurring and becoming totally disgusted by the direction the culture is taking society.

Yang said that people should heed her warnings about left-wing radicals’ efforts to force their ideology on society because she has seen it firsthand from the inside.

And what she exposed will leave working class Americans from all walks of like shaking in fear.

Companies push transgenderism so that they will be taken care of in “the new economy”

Yang explained that the reason most every multinational corporation has gone all-in on radical left-wing gender ideology has nothing to do with consumer interests.

Instead, she revealed that corporations’ motivation to jump on the woke left-wing bandwagon is solely rooted in their desire to gain access to funds that would otherwise fall into other hands.

They don’t care that they are losing money now because they believe that it will all pay off in the end.

The money these corporations are flushing down the toilet by marketing woke left-wing extremism doesn’t matter to them because they “lose a little bit now” in order to eventually make it back in what they’re calling “the new economy.”

Yang explained that corporations fear being “excluded” from funds that will ultimately be issued by groups involved in the World Economic Forum in years to come.

She said that it’s all part of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” that will ultimately involve transhumanism, or the merging of technology with human biology.

Yang believes that the largest corporations in the world have but one focus – literally monetizing humans.

Yang argues that transgenderism is a path to “biohacking” and transhumanism

The women’s rights activist argued that changing genders through sex-change operations and hormone therapies is just the beginning of a nefarious plan.

The World Economic Forum wants people to accept the idea of customizing their own bodies via technological advancements.

Yang said that transgenderism seeks to disconnect the soul from the body, and that efforts to redefine genders ultimately serves that purpose.

Transhumanists want to make the working class believe in body modification so that in the future they will be open to ideas, like “biohacking.”

And the women’s rights activist is of the belief that they are making headway towards their end goal.

“Make your own body,” Yang said. “Make your own gender. They’re priming those young people. They’re grooming them to accept that. The next thing you can do is implant something in your brain, implant something in your arm.”

She warned that technology will eventually allow governments to control reproduction and the world’s population.

“We’re being moved toward this idea that reproduction… can happen without women and without a dad,” Yang warned.

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