This black Republican Congressman let loose after a woke extremist hecker called him “racist” for one predictable reason

Photo by Trev Adams from Pexels

It has become apparent that the radical Left simply cannot tolerate opposing viewpoints.

They are so convinced of the righteousness of their causes that they are willing to give voice to some of the most ridiculous claims imaginable.

And this black Republican Congressman let loose after a woke extremist hecker called him “racist” for one predictable reason.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

While imperfect, our nation made great strides toward achieving Dr. King’s vision in subsequent decades.

Much more recently, however, a lot of that great work has been purposely undone by the radical Left and their adherence to the poisonous, outright racist doctrine of “Diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Democrats have gone all-in on a woke ideology that is diametrically opposed to that which King had spent his adult life championing.

Far too many of today’s Democrats are keen to separate and judge people based solely on skin color, and not their individual thoughts, viewpoints, and talents.

As former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the Iowa Caucus, Congressman Wesley Hunt (R-TX) congratulated the former President on his victory.

As Hunt spoke during the Iowa Caucus he said that Trump is the only candidate in the race who can save the country from the “brink of disaster.”

But simply because of the color of his skin, certain elements of the political Left couldn’t abide Hunt’s sentiment.

Racist Democrats

“How can a black man stand here and talk to us about racists?” a woke extremist heckler in the audience shouted. “How can a black man talk to us about racists? I don’t care about a black man talk to us about racists. How can a black man do this on Martin Luther King Day? How can you turn your back?!” 

The man continued shouting, as others in attendance were physically removed from the gymnasium.

Just spitballing here, but perhaps the lowest black unemployment in decades, low inflation, lower crime rates, and a more secure border are all things that could be cheered by black Americans as well as any and all other Americans.

Maybe, for many, supporting the guy at the helm before Biden botched everything is a reasonable political position.

Hunt hits back

Afterwards, Hunt addressed the incident on X.

“Tonight, at the Timberline Caucus, as I spoke on behalf of President Trump an enraged man attempted to stop my speech,” the Congressman wrote. “He shouted Trump was ‘racist.’ You know, the same tired trope we’ve heard over and over again. But on this day, of all days, Martin Luther King Day, the people of Iowa, just like President Trump judge me not by the color of my skin but by the content of my character. The anti-Trump movement is in full blown meltdown.”

Hunt is exactly right, and that this woke extremist heckler – or anyone else – expects that Hunt is required to support a candidate or political party simply because of his skin color is a real example of racism.

Biden and his fellow Democrats have plenty to fear from the prospect of black Americans defecting from their ranks on Election Day.

Recent polling shows Trump receiving record support from many minority voters, and if that comes to pass in November, it’s lights out for the Biden Presidency.

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