This Biden voter is accusing the President of literally abandoning his father for political gain

The Midterms are right around the corner and the cost of everything skyrocketing points to a red wave for the Republican Party.

Joe Biden has already been attempting to regain favor for the socialist Democrats by releasing oil from the strategic reserves.

But this Biden voter is accusing the President of literally abandoning his father for political gain.

Elderly U.S. citizen sentenced to 16 years for political speech in Saudi Arabia

Saad Almadi is a 72-year-old US citizen who was just sentenced to prison for over 16 years by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – which at his age could very well be a life sentence.

The charge? 

He posted messages on social media that went against the Kingdom’s narrative.

Specifically, he was concerned about the Kingdom’s ability to protect their sovereignty after Houthi rebels in Yemen were bombarding the country with rockets. 

He was also advocating for a street to be named after Khashoggi and encouraging people to change their citizenship to Lebanese.

His sentencing came on the heels of Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, during which he reportedly begged Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman not to cut production.

Son of prisoner claims Biden “sold my father for oil” and “just cares about votes”

Almadi’s son, Ibrahim, is now claiming that Biden, “sold [his] father for oil, that’s clear to us. Especially when we saw the news last week about how they requested to delay the OPEC decision a month [until after the election].”

Ibrahim Almadi said this when talking to the New York Post about his frustration over Biden’s handling of his father’s case as well as many other Americans currently jailed for political speech in the country.

He went on to say, “Biden just cares about votes. He doesn’t care about my father, he doesn’t care about American citizens.”

Almadi even thinks that Biden got duped in hopes that he would get more oil if he let the Crown Prince keep the political prisoners. 

He asserted that his father “got sold for oil, but they didn’t receive the oil. So there is no father, no oil. There’s nothing . . . there is only shame, that is what the White House has got now.”

Now he knows he made a “stupid mistake” having voted for Biden in 2020

He went on to say that he is “Democratic” and that he “voted for Biden, which is a stupid mistake I did.”

Now he’s really starting to question Biden’s ability to lead in tough situations like this one. 

Almadi said that “MBS is just challenging,” and that he is looking to “see how far he can get with Biden. Let’s be honest: If I do something to you and you don’t put boundaries or react, guess what I’m going to do? I’m going to move forward with my abusive actions toward you.” 

At this point he thinks that if Biden can’t get U.S. citizens freed overseas then he should get “out of the White House.”

Joe Biden continuously proves that there is nothing he won’t do to garner political power for the Democrat Party.

But now it seems that we may have found a new low point in the Biden regime.

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