This Attorney General just proved that Joe Biden is messing with the wrong state

From day one, Joe Biden has made it clear his administration will wield incredible power, the likes of which America has not seen in quite a while. 

His administration has zero regard for the laws and the best interest of hard-working Americans across the nation. 

But this Attorney General just proved that Joe Biden is messing with the wrong state.

Joe Biden has absolutely no regard for individual or state rights

Over the years, Joe Biden and every other Democrat in Washington, D.C. have proven that they don’t care about states’ rights. 

The concept of strong, self-governed, free and independent states is central to America’s trademark style of federalism, however, this means taking power away from the federal government, which infuriates the Left. 

After all, socialist Democrats dream of having an all-powerful, wide-sweeping federal government control every aspect of our lives.

But the state of Montana just proved that they will not sit idly by as Joe Biden’s radical administration tramples on the rights of their citizens. 

Just recently, Montana’s Attorney General Austin Knudsen filed a legal challenge against Joe Biden’s Bureau of Land Management for approving a measure that designates tens of thousands of acres of land in Montana for bison grazing. 

This order effectively takes large swaths of federal land previously used for livestock grazing out of commission. 

Farmers are absolutely pissed, and they have every right to be.  

For years, these farmers used this land to provide this nation with beef and dairy and now they are destitute. 

And given America’s rapidly rising food prices and food shortages, this move is poorly advised to say the very least. 

In Montana’s legal challenge, Knudsen said “BLM’s final decision ignores what makes Montana’s rural communities unique, prioritizing elitist land management attitudes over economic realities for the generational ranchers who rely on this land.” 

Knudsen added, “As the American Prairie Reserve occupies more and more land, it pushes these ranching communities out, threatening the livestock industry and defying the very purpose of the federal laws BLM purports to uphold.” 

What legal challenges like this mean for farmers across the nation

Sadly, legal challenges like this are unlikely to change the Biden administration’s anti-farmer stance. 

Destructive and woke environmental policies such as this one are wreaking havoc on American farmers, which almost always goes directly to consumers. 

Consumers should prepare for beef and dairy prices to start skyrocketing, which they already are in most parts of the nation. 

This policy proves yet again that Joe Biden does not care about average Americans. 

And in this scenario, it appears as if he cares more about bison than he does about farmers. 

This is an outrage, and more Attorneys General need to summon the courage to confront Biden, even if the odds are stacked against them. 

The alternative is a world without American farmers, which is a scary thought indeed.  

Or at this rate, Americans will be eating foreign beef and relying on insects for protein before you know it.

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