This activist was just arrested by the FBI. Surprise: he’s not a liberal

During the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement, countless buildings were burned down, police stations overrun, and federal courthouses attacked and no one in the FBI batted an eye.

But now, a pro-life activist was just arrested by the FBI after a SWAT raid on his home.

It seems that this latest event is yet another attempt to stop and silence conservatives who disagree with Joe Biden’s radical agenda.

Mark Houck arrested in front of his family

Mark Houck is a pro-life author and activist who speaks outside of abortion facilities in Philadelphia every week.

A father of seven, Houck was just ambushed by FBI SWAT team members in his home on Friday.

The charge? 

Supposedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act or FACE.

The 1994 act makes it a federal crime to physically block the entrance to a clinic or to use force to interfere with clinic workers and women seeking abortions.

Houck is a “sidewalk counselor” who offers his help and advice to patients visiting these abortuaries before they go inside. 

Every Wednesday, he drives two hours to Philadelphia abortion facilities, speaking anywhere from six to eight hours at a time.

Speaking in front of an abortion facility is hardly “blocking” it or using any type of force, yet somehow, the Department of Justice, who ordered the raid, seems to disagree.

Even worse is that the federal charges appear to stem from a lawsuit that was thrown out in court this summer, but it was picked back up by the DOJ and pursued.

Houck’s wife Ryan-Marie recalled an instance when her husband “shoved” a pro-abortion man away from his 12-year-old son.

The man accosted Houck and his son and began yelling vulgar insults, so it’s hardly a crime for Houck to defend himself and protect his child.

The assailant wasn’t injured during the scuffle, but he did try to sue Houck.

The FBI carried out a violent, terrorizing raid on Houck’s home

It hardly seems that violating the FACE act is worthy of having your home raided by a SWAT team with guns pointed at you and your family.

Yet that’s exactly what just happened this past Friday morning.

According to Houck’s wife, approximately 25 to 30 FBI agents swarmed their home and surrounded the house with rifles at the ready.

They began pounding on the door as Houck pleaded with the agents, telling them, “I have seven babies in the house.”

The agents kept yelling and pointed their guns straight at the family while telling the kids to go upstairs.

As you can imagine, it was a terrifying moment for Houck, his wife, and their seven children.

Even more egregious is when Houck’s wife asked if they had a warrant, they responded that “they were going to take him whether they had a warrant or not.”

So, does this mean that the Fourth Amendment is no longer valid, or only when it doesn’t concern Democrats?

His wife accused the FBI of kidnapping, and then they showed her the first page of the warrant, which accused him of allegedly “attacking” a patient escort.

What is certain is that the Department of Justice is on the hunt for anyone who dares to push against the Left’s radical agenda, even if they didn’t commit an actual crime. 

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