This 90s boy band pulled one move to help a fan in need that will bring tears to your eyes

Photo by Ibolya Nyikos, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia

It’s heartening when people do genuine good for their neighbors.

That’s especially true when so much negative news dominates the headlines.

And this 90s boy band pulled one move to help a fan in need that will bring tears to your eyes.

Theresa Crockett is a Los Angeles teacher who had the scare of her life.

Faced with the news that she needed a new kidney, she decided to take a chance.

A desperate cry for help

When she attended a New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) concert in May 2022, she brought along a sign explaining her plight.

“Please share my story,” Crockett’s heart-shaped sign read. “I need a kidney. I’m looking for a donor.”

For Crockett, a miracle was about to happen.


Finding out in September 2021 i need a kidney transplant. Im currently looking for my kidney donor (hero) 🤖💜♾💫 l have polycystic kidney disease like my sister and my mom. #kidneydonor #pkd #mixtapetour2022 #thankful #titanium#believe

♬ original sound – unhaving ;

NKOTB member and Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg sprung into action, and brought the sign on stage.

This gave Crockett the exposure she needed and sure enough, it worked.

A fellow New Kids on the Block fan from Wisconsin got in touch with Crockett and offered her kidney.

Because of the band and its network of fans, the two met and discussed all of the details of the surgical procedures.

Crockett thanked the band for all their help in finding a donor, writing on Instagram, “We did it! I found my kidney hero. Thankful!”

The surgery is scheduled for August 31, and fans of the band from all over the globe are wishing them both the best.

History repeats itself

It’s possible that the Los Angeles teacher may have gotten some inspiration from the past.

Back in 2011, Wahlberg was instrumental in helping another woman find a life-saving kidney transplant.

Abbie Vicknair and her best friend, Bobbette Miller, bonded over New Kids On The Block before Miller became ill, and learned she needed a transplant.

Vicknair wrote a blog, detailing the search for a kidney donor for her friend, which ultimately found its way to Wahlberg.

The husband of former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy was moved by the story and retweeted it, completely unaware of the friends’ history as NKOTB fans. 

His retweet put their story in front of hundreds of thousands who wouldn’t have seen it otherwise – one of which ended up being an eventual anonymous donor.

“Without Donnie and the love of my best friend we would still be looking,” Miller said at the time.

“Donnie has been my favorite since I was in 3rd grade, so him being involved left me speechless,” she added. “It was a full circle moment for me. Here was someone I have adored for so long and he was helping my team spread the word, which made him part of the team.” 

Whether through inspiration from a fan or by sheer coincidence, it’s good to see a star like Donnie Walhberg actually use his considerable influence for good.

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