These Wisconsin lawmakers’ response to one woke extremist event’s endangerment of children will restore your faith in humanity

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The worldwide decay of human civilization has reached the point where many question whether or not it can possibly get worse. 

The woke left-wing outrage mob continues to force their extremist agenda down working class Americans’ throats.

And these Wisconsin lawmakers’ response to one woke extremist event’s endangerment of children will restore your faith in humanity.

Lawmakers are asking the DOJ to “leverage appropriate charges” following naked bike ride

Last week, Wisconsin state Reps. Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald sent a formal letter to the Biden Department of Justice.

They’re demanding that Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Biden Justice Department investigate a “naked bike ride” that happened in their state on June 17, 2023.

The event was held in Madison, Wisconsin, and it was part of a global series entitled the “World Naked Bike Ride.”

At least 150 nude cyclists are said to have participated in the event, and there have been claims that a 10-year-old girl was also seen riding her bicycle naked, as well.

The lawmakers said that if a minor child was present at the event, a thorough investigation must be conducted.

Ultimately, the goal is to force Garland to “leverage appropriate charge(s) on those responsible for endangering a child through propagation of this obscene conduct.”

Organizers have claimed that the little girl’s guardians consented to her participation in the nude display, which they believe somehow makes everything ok and excuses the despicable adults who would involve a ten-year-old in such an overtly sexual event.

The Biden regime shouldn’t have to be begged for “cooperation”

The lawmakers demanded Garland investigate whether “those entrusted in the care and protection of this innocent child consented and condoned this harmful conduct and her indecent exposure.”

They also want to stand up against the obscene displays that are growing in number across the country.

They went on to say that “it is undisputable that indecent exposure is lewd conduct (obscenity) and is not protected speech.”

They pleaded with the DOJ to give them “cooperation,” and begin “investigating this flagrant violation of our child endangerment and obscenity laws.”

The letter encourages the Biden Attorney General to remember that “the standard of what is harmful to minors may differ from the standard applied to adults.”

They urged him to help “protect minors,” and not to let this happen “now, or again” in future cases, reminding Garland that America has passed laws to protect children for a reason, and “they must be enforced.”

The lawmakers also asked Attorney General Garland to respond to a list of questions.

If DOJ refuses to engage in the investigation then these lawmakers want a good explanation

In order to “fully understand the disposition” of the Biden Justice Department, the lawmakers requested that he issue a written response to the letter, which includes written responses to a number of questions.

The first question they’d like answered is whether the Biden DOJ and FBI will investigate the matter and “leverage appropriate charges.” 

They say that the “laissez-faire attitude” of those involved in the fiasco “underscores for the federal government to intervene.”

If the DOJ “declines to investigate,” the Wisconsin lawmakers would like to know why they are abstaining, and “what law or policy [they] are invoking that precludes” an investigation.

Finally, they want to know about the child’s rights in these cases, as the parents are putting them in these dangerous situations.

“What federal remedy does a minor, who does not have legal capacity and is exploited by their parents?” the lawmakers wondered in the letter.

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