These veterans sent the Biden regime into hysteria after they revealed the major national security within their environmental extremist agenda

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A formidable coalition of 17 retired military officials is unleashing a barrage of warnings to the American people about an important security threat.

The Biden regime was shocked when this unlikely cohort boldly spoke out, challenging one of the Left’s favorite initiatives.

And these veterans sent the Biden regime into hysteria after they revealed the major national security within their environmental extremist agenda.

According to these brave and experienced officials, President Joe Biden’s ambitious electric vehicle (EV) agenda poses a severe threat to America’s national security.

The group of veterans, which includes retired U.S. Army Major General James Marks, are sounding the alarm on the potential ramifications of Biden’s push for widespread EV adoption.

In a scathing letter addressed to President Biden and Biden EPA Administrator Michael Regan, the officials expressed deep concerns about the rush towards mass EV proliferation.

They caution that the regulatory initiatives designed to boost EV adoption could significantly amplify America’s reliance on Chinese supply chains, posing an alarming risk to national security.

“There is no doubt EVs will play a significant role in diversifying America’s transportation systems. Yet we believe your plans will rush our transition to EVs before the infrastructure necessary to support it is in place,” the officials wrote in their letter, emphasizing their worry about increased dependence on China for crucial minerals and manufacturing.

The retired military leaders argue that the proposed aggressive tailpipe emissions regulations, particularly the EPA’s April 2023 proposal, could leave the U.S. vulnerable to economic manipulation by Communist China.

They contend that tying the nation’s economic and transportation stability to a country described as an economic ‘ticking time bomb’ is a perilous move.

Highlighting the stark dependence on Communist China for essential EV components, the officials underscored their concerns about the geopolitical advantages China currently holds in the EV market.

“This proposed rule is a clear example of tone-deaf policymaking that favors the geopolitical advantages currently held by China in this market,” their letter clearly stated.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), China dominates the global production of key components for EVs, including approximately 75% of all lithium-ion batteries.

The nation also commands significant production capacity for cathodes and anodes, crucial elements of these batteries.

Moreover, over 50% of processing and refining capacity for critical minerals like lithium, cobalt, and graphite is concentrated in China.

The officials stressed the urgency of addressing China’s strategic positioning in the EV industry before proceeding with electrification strategies that could artificially boost EV demand.

They cited China’s recent imposition of export restrictions on minerals used in EV batteries, causing prices to soar, as a clear indication of the need for caution.

Those who signed the letter, including retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Robert Harward, retired U.S. Marine Corps Major General Mastin Robeson, and others, collectively underscored the imperative for a comprehensive examination of the potential risks associated with the current EV trajectory.

As the Biden regime pushes for an electric future, the retired military officials are making it unequivocally clear: national security must not be sacrificed on the altar of rapid EV adoption, especially when it risks entangling the nation in China’s economic and geopolitical web.

The call for a strategic reassessment is loud, and it remains to be seen how the regime will respond to this formidable warning from those who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding the nation.

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