These leaked photos blew the lid off the chilling human rights abuses some January 6 defendants are facing in prison

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Democrats like to paint January 6 as the worst day in the history of the United States of America.

The federal government used every resource available to hunt down the protesters and arrest them.

Now these leaked photos blew the lid off the chilling human rights abuses some January 6 defendants are facing in prison.

January 6 started the largest crackdown on civil liberties in decades

On January 6, 2021, protestors gathered in Washington D.C. to have their voices heard during the official electoral college proceedings.

Video footage showed thousands of people watching as former President Donald Trump delivered a speech at the ellipse, encouraging them to be “peaceful and patriotic.”

Simultaneously, protestors outside the U.S. Capitol — nearly 2 miles from Trump’s speech — began to breach barricades while Congress was in session debating alleged evidence of election fraud.

The scene quickly turned to chaos as a violent riot erupted on the stairs of the Capitol.

That led to a large-scale operation by the intelligence agencies to find and arrest hundreds of protestors that were present at the Capitol that day.

The operation carried over into the Biden regime, and has resulted in one of the gravest violations of human rights in the history of the United States.

Now, we have photo evidence of what is going on in the jail housing J6 defendants.

Shocking photos reveal disgusting conditions that January 6 defendants live in every day

Shocking photos obtained by The Gateway Pundit, show Ryan Samsel enduring gross and inhumane circumstances inside federal detention center in Philadelphia.

Samsel has reportedly been moved to 17 different facilities where he has faced physical abuse, neglect, and torture.

In Philadelphia, he was kept in a cell the size of a closet with lights on 24 hours a day for over 5 months straight.

The guards gave him nothing more than a thin blue mattress to sleep on and a bucket to use as a toilet — no sheets, blankets, or clothing!

Samsel says that his cell was “cold, the light was on, [and] there was zero window.”

He also claims that a judge was having difficulty contacting him when he was kept from “showing up in court,” and to necessary “medical” appointments.

His cell was apparently not “named” in the records.

The political prisoner describes a similar experience in a Virginia detention center.

People like Samsel experience an egregious violations of the Constitution and no one is standing up

Samsel was held at Central Regional Virginia Jail where he described the conditions as nothing less than “deprivation of everything.”

He told The Gateway Pundit he was in “a booking hard cell, which is you get zero phone, zero commissary, zero clothing because they think that you’re going to hang yourself…”

He said that they used the concern of suicide as a reason to keep the lights on “24/7” and his cell under “constant surveillance.”

He said that he was locked in the cell around the clock and had no chance at “getting out” for any reason at all. 

Samsel has been in detention for over two-and-a-half years without trial. 

He was arrested early in January of 2021 following the riot at the Capitol.

Meanwhile, there’s no public outcry from human rights groups and barely a whisper from Republican lawmakers.

This is an American tragedy.

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