These frat bros’ courageous stand against the pro-terrorist woke mob is about to pay off in the most epic way possible

University of North Carolina, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

College campuses have obviously been overrun by the pro-terrorist woke outrage mob for months now.

But while they wreaked havoc on most every college campus in America there was one group of young men from all walks of life who stepped up to draw a line in the sand.

And now these frat bros’ courageous stand against the pro-terrorist woke mob is about to pay off in the most epic way possible.

A Labor Day to remember

For a group of fraternities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – one of the most deranged, woke extremist-controlled public universities in the world – this upcoming Labor Day weekend will be one to remember.  

This Labor Day will mark the first-ever “Flagstock 2024,” intended to celebrate the actions of UNC-CH fraternity members who went viral for holding the American flag above the ground as the violent, pro-terrorist woke outrage mob hurled objects and insults at them in April. 

After a photo of them lifting the American flag went viral, people from across the globe started chipping in to throw them an epic party this Labor Day weekend.

So far, donors from the world over have contributed over half a million dollars on GoFundMe for these patriotic young men. 

Organizers John Noonan and Susan Ralston set up the organization “Pints for Patriots,” which established this fund as soon as they saw the picture online. 

The “Pints for Patriots” page pledges that every dollar raised “goes to throwing these fine young Americans the epic rager they earned.”

“Pints for Patriots” recently issued an update on this effort, telling donors, “We owe all freedom-loving Americans an update on our progress.” 

“Flagstock 2024 planning is in full swing! We have established Pints for Patriots to plan and execute the event, liaise with UNC Chapel Hill officials, handle security, and handle logistics,” the update went on to say. 

Along with the over $500,000 dollars raised for this party, celebrities such as country star John Rich of Big and Rich fame have expressed their support for these young men. 

Several weeks ago, Rich told Fox News, “I was so impressed that, first of all, someone had taught them… that you never let the American flag touch the ground, under any circumstances.” 

“Somebody raised these guys correctly. They understand what’s going on,” the country music legend added. 

Many young people do not want anything to do with the “woke” outrage mob 

Much like in the 1960s, small groups of agitators have used a complex foreign policy issue to stir up trouble.

Many of these protestors know very little about the actual facts of the situation in Gaza, and merely use this conflict to voice their hatred for America, and support for terrorists.

However, many young people do not agree with these angry and violent campus protests. 

Polls show that young voters have started moving to former President Donald Trump’s camp in shocking numbers, meaning that a silent majority of young voters could make a major difference this November. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.