These experts just issued a dire warning about the catastrophic consequences of one left-wing scheme

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Radical left-wing policymakers have been promising that climate change would lead to world-ending calamity for a very long time.

They say the only possible solution to save humanity is through prolific regulations on the energy sector.

Now these experts just issued a dire warning about the catastrophic consequences of one left-wing scheme.

Life in California will become burdensome

The state of California is heading towards a reckoning that could make life unbearable for its nearly 40 million residents.

Experts are warning that radical left-wing environmental policies adopted by the state could lead to regular blackouts and energy gridlock.

Elected leaders hope that the state can reduce their CO2 emissions by 85%, and eliminate oil entirely in the next 20 years.

The problem is that California is currently incapable of producing and distributing enough energy to keep the state’s energy grid online during peak energy usage times, like extreme heat waves, and getting rid of fossil fuels would only make matters worse.

The crisis could be averted if California Democrats abandon their aggressive efforts to push the state towards heavier reliance on renewable energy sources.

The state is not poised to make such drastic changes so quickly. 

Consumers will pay the price for energy transformation

Their state currently relies on natural gas for over half of their energy production while approximately a quarter of energy is produced with renewables.

In an interview with Fox News, Edward Ring, a senior fellow at the California Policy Institute, discussed the move and issued a warning.

“They’re going to have to build an outrageous amount of wind and solar in a very short time if they want to accomplish their objectives of electrifying — our whole transportation sector and our whole home heating and cooling and residential sector,” Ring said.

Ring explained that the major shift wouldn’t happen without robust investments which would mean higher prices and a “heavy burden” for consumers.

He explained that “even if they can pull it off without blackouts,” Californians would bear the brunt of the changes.

State has been dealing with power shortages in recent years

Californians have already become accustomed to energy demand issues.

Over the past few years, they’ve experienced scheduled blackout periods and limits to usage.

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) which manages the state’s grid has been charged with issuing alerts about strain.

Just last year, CAISO instituted an “energy emergency alert 3,” which is the highest warning possible.

Residents were urged to avoid using their air conditioning – in the middle of a record-breaking September heat wave, mind you – as well as avoid charging their electric vehicles.

This situation lasted for an entire week.

Fox News asked Myron Ebell, the director of Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, how he viewed the situation.

He told the outlet that the state is already “suffering,” and that the worst is still yet to come.

Expert says the state may need more coal to push out gasoline

Ebell explained that California is already “telling people that they’re going to start shutting off natural gas to houses and that they have to convert to electricity.”

Once the state implements a ban on internal combustion engines the energy supply will be outpaced by the demand.

He says that the only way the state could conceivably make these major changes is to “build natural gas fired plants,” and “perhaps building new coal plants.” 

That of course goes against their agenda of eliminating fossil fuels.

California is in for a rough time.

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