These Attorneys General are going scorched earth in response to one woke Biden regime scheme that’s putting millions of Americans in danger


A coalition of nearly a dozen Attorneys General from across the nation have sounded a very important alarm. 

Needless to say they’re not mincing words.

And these Attorneys General are going scorched earth in response to one woke Biden regime scheme that’s putting millions of Americans in danger.

In a scathing letter to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Michael Whitaker, a group of Republican Attorneys General expressed grave concerns over recent reports suggesting that the FAA’s hiring practices may be putting airline passengers at risk. 

“It seems that the FAA has placed ‘diversity’ bean counting over safety and expertise,” the letter declared, raising the specter of potential catastrophe for American travelers.

The Attorneys General contend that under the Biden regime, the FAA has shifted its focus away from hiring based on merit and instead prioritized virtue-signaling diversity efforts. 

They point to statements from the FAA about a “five year strategic plan” aimed at diversifying its workforce, which they argue calls into question the agency’s commitment to safety.

But what’s most alarming, according to the letter, is the FAA’s reported efforts to recruit applicants with ‘severe intellectual’ and ‘psychiatric’ disabilities. 

This revelation has sparked concern and mockery, with critics questioning the wisdom of entrusting air traffic control and aviation safety to individuals with such conditions.

The letter also takes aim at the FAA’s embrace of racial sensitivity training and diversity symposiums, arguing that these initiatives come at the expense of safety. 

“Failure is not an option,” the Attorneys General asserted, emphasizing the critical importance of ensuring the safety of the 45,000 flights and 2.9 million passengers that traverse the U.S. skies each day.

Kansas Republican Attorney General Kris Kobach minced no words in expressing his concern, telling Fox News that “American lives depend on the FAA hiring the most qualified aviation experts.” 

He stressed the urgency of returning to a merit-based hiring approach to ensure that only the most qualified individuals are entrusted with America’s air travel.

Joining Kobach in signing the letter were Attorneys General from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Missouri, and Texas. 

Together, they’re demanding answers from the FAA, and calling for a recommitment to prioritizing safety over diversity and virtue signaling.

As of now, the FAA has remained silent in response to the attorneys general’s letter, leaving many questions unanswered and concerns unaddressed. 

But for those who prioritize safety and expertise in America’s skies, the fight is far from over.

Responsible Americans refuse to sit by while the Biden regime continues to value woke policies over common sense.

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