These American workers are pushing back against Joe Biden’s job-killing policies

Since taking office, Joe Biden has sided with the radical environmentalists over American workers.

He killed the Keystone XL Pipeline and stopped domestic drilling, killing jobs and sending gas prices through the roof. 

Now these American workers are pushing back against Joe Biden’s job killing policies.

Joe Biden recently vowed to shut down every coal plant in the country. 

“We’re going to be shutting these plants down all across America and having wind and solar power,” he said at a campaign event in California.

Biden also falsely claimed that wind and solar are cheaper than coal. 

The White House has since tried to walk back this statement.

But there’s no denying the Biden administration has used the Environmental Protection Agency to make coal less feasible for American energy. 

Coal miners are calling him out

In an interview with Fox Business, Brandon Richardson, a coal miner from West Virginia ripped into the President.

“I think this administration is trying to destroy the country with these thoughts of Green New Deal being the wave of the future when, as a country, we are definitely not set up for strictly wind, solar, water power, whatever you want to go to that’s green,” Richardson said. 

He continued, “We just do not have the infrastructure in place to handle that. And with the abundance of coal in this country and the way we’ve changed the regulations and the companies have changed to burn coal cleaner than pretty much any country out there, there’s really no reason to do away with something that can keep us energy independent.”

Another coal miner pointed out how many jobs Biden seems to want to kill while pursuing the Green agenda. 

“For every coal miner, there are five other jobs that go along with that one coal miner,” said Chad Dojack, also from West Virginia. “There’s contractors, there’s suppliers, there’s manufacturing jobs, there’s delivery truck drivers, there’s all the shipping.”

“Those other five employees for that one miner each have a spouse and kids,” said Dojak in an interview with Fox Business. “I mean, you shut that down, or you take that away, you’ve just crippled a large portion of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.”

Currently over 120,000 Americans are employed in coal mining, processing , and power generation. 

Coal currently generates 22% of America’s electricity, which is more than wind, solar, and hydropower combined. 

Manchin speaks up

Biden’s remarks also drew the ire of fellow Democrat Joe Manchin, the Senator from West Virginia. 

Manchin called Biden’s comments “offensive and disgusting,” and called on the President to apologize. 

Manchin noted that coal miners “literally put their lives on the line to help and power this country.”

Biden is clearly out-of-touch with hard-working blue collar coal miners. 

That is likely one of the main reasons he lost West Virginia by nearly 40 points to Donald Trump in 2020. 

Joe Biden is at war with American energy, and he doesn’t seem to care about all the harm he is causing.

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