The woke outrage mob had a conniption fit after this poll destroyed one of their favorite attacks on the Supreme Court

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Affirmative action has been an integral part of the college admissions process in America for decades.

But a decision by the Supreme Court recently ended the practice and the media has reacted in outrage.

Now the woke outrage mob had a conniption fit after this poll destroyed one of their favorite attacks on the Supreme Court.

SCOTUS finally bans racism in college admissions

In 2014, the Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) filed a lawsuit against Harvard college and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).

The suits alleged that the schools were unfairly using race as a factor for admission, putting applicants from certain races – mainly Asian – at a major disadvantage.

The Harvard case cited the school’s point-based admissions process that specifically gave certain races added favor in admissions, and set a limit to how many Asian applicants would be accepted.

The UNC-CH case pointed to instances in which black applicants were given an advantage over white applicants.

SCOTUS issued a ruling on both cases that the actions of the schools were unconstitutional, striking a major blow to race-based admissions favored by Democrats, who believe there’s no possible way for black students to get into college without preferential treatment.

The radical Left and their media allies collectively condemned the action, and said that the Court was acting politically.

Now, this poll from ABC News revealed that the majority of Americans’ view the SCOTUS’ ruling differently.

Majority supports ban on race-based college admissions

ABC/Ipsos followed up the ruling from the Supreme Court with a poll to gauge the public’s opinion about the historic ruling.

The results showed that only 32% of Americans opposed the Court’s decision to rule race-based admissions unconstitutional, while a 52% majority supported the decision.

The responses show just how out-of-line the media is with average Americans.

The poll also asked various racial groups whether they believe their race impacted their chances of getting into a college or university.

Only 36% of black students thought that they were at a disadvantage simply because of their skin color, while 37% of Hispanic students thought they were at a similar disadvantage.

The affirmative action ruling came on the heels of another controversial ruling regarding higher education.

AOC calls Supreme Court “undemocratic” and “dangerous”

The Supreme Court also ruled that President Joe Biden’s unilateral efforts to redistribute at least a trillion dollars from Americans without student loan debt to pay off others’ student loan debt was also unconstitutional, as the President has no constitutional authority to do so.

Similarly, this was expected to outrage the American people following years of public debate on the topic.

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio (D-NY) called the Court’s move an “undemocratic and, frankly, dangerous authoritarian expansion of power,” adding that they are a “signal” that the country is heading in the wrong direction politically.

However, the results of the poll, again, showed the opposite of what the media told us to expect.

The ruling against Biden received support from nearly half of the country, with only 40% saying that the Supreme Court was wrong in their decision.

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