The woke left-wing outrage mob put this small town country music radio station in its crosshairs for one despicable reason

Photo by GBen Schumin, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia,

Whenever woke Democrats don’t get their way they tend to throw massive temper tantrums.

These radical socialists want everything in society to revolve around their wants and desires disregarding any real diversity within American culture.

And the woke left-wing outrage mob put this small town country music radio station in its crosshairs for one despicable reason.

Woke Democrats have a strange obsession with the millionaire and billionaire celebrities who promote their ideas, or supplement their culture.

They claim that the rich have too much money and power when they create new goods and services, or when they make nicer things more affordable for Americans.

When those rich people endorse their ideas or agendas, they gleefully look the other way from their complaints, and even treat these people as if they are deities.

This is something we see with how woke Democrats treat rich celebrities and politicians, like former President Barack Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT), or Taylor Swift, compared to how they treat rich celebrities and politicians who simply disagree with their extremist agenda, like Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk or former President Donald Trump.

These radical left-wing activists find ways to infect other corners of American culture to promote their socialist ideals, even if it is not a space that they regularly participate in.

Their newest target is apparently country music radio stations, like 100.1 KYKC, a small, Chickasaw Nation-owned station in Byng, Oklahoma, a town of less than 1,200 residents.

Last week, the woke left-wing outrage mob took to social media to use this one familiar bully tactic to force the country radio station to start playing one of their preferred woke pop-stars, Beyoncé.

During the Super Bowl, Beyoncé surprised her fans by releasing two “country songs” she claimed were influenced by the genre, revealing the pop star’s plan on attempting to enter the country music space.

One fan requested the Oklahoma country radio station play one of these recently released songs immediately, which resulted in “social justice” outrage breaking out on social media.

According to the Daily Wire, the fan “posted about the station’s denial on X, which caused the exchange to go viral and the radio station to reverse course after realizing Beyoncé had released country songs.”

“I requested Texas Hold ‘Em at my local country radio station (KYKC) and after requesting I received an email from the radio station stating ‘we do not play Beyoncé on KYKC as we are a country music station,’” the fan wrote on X, while tagging a Beyoncé fan group.

The woke extremist fan then followed up with a call-to-action against the station by demanding that “this station needs to be held accountable for their blatant racism and discrimination against Beyoncé.”

The second these Beyoncé fans did not get what they wanted, they resorted to accusations of so-called “racism” and “discrimination,” followed by calls to harass the radio station to force them to give these radical activists exactly what they wanted.

“This is absolutely ridiculous and racist. You guys should be ashamed. I grew up listening to your station,” said the fan, who called on fellow fans to flood the station with requests for Beyoncé, reported the Daily Wire.

The worst part was the fact that the station caved in.

After the complaint and allegation of racism reached millions of views, the country radio station responded on X saying, “lots of calls coming in for Beyoncé’s Texas Hold ‘Em. It’s coming up in minutes.”

According to a representative for KYKC’s owner, the station did not even know about the released song, and even if they had they didn’t have access to the track due to its very recent release.

The Daily Wire also noted the station representative’s response to the allegations of racism.

“First, we are owned by a minority owned company, so there’s that,” the representative told followers. “Secondly, we play music if it’s good. We don’t care who it is or what they look like. Thirdly, we embraced Beyoncé’ when she hit the scene decades ago.”

“She has always been a core artist for us, especially on two of our stations.”

The country radio station apologized for the delay and promised to play the songs on their other two stations, as well.

The problem with this situation is that woke Democrats weaponize false allegations of so-called “racism” and “discrimination” to get whatever they want, whenever they want it.

They use the allegations as a bludgeon, and giving into these demands only incentivizes radical activists to continue using this bully tactic.

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