The weapons of war drug cartels just unleashed in Mexico should strike fear in the hearts of every American

Photo by Ozzy Trevino, Public Domain via Picryl

Mexico is a war zone.

The multi-billion dollar drug empires that truly control the country are out-of-control.

And now the weapons of war drug cartels just unleashed in Mexico should strike fear in the hearts of every American.

Trouble down south

The nation with the most repercussions and influence over the United States is Mexico.

Sitting just south of the U.S. border, Mexico can be one of America’s biggest allies, or biggest enemies.

Throughout history, America hasn’t exactly had the best relationship with its southern neighbors, especially during the Mexican-American War in the 1840’s, which the U.S. won.

And more recently, Mexico has sat back and allowed many of its most hardened criminals and unwanted populations to be illegally human trafficked over the open U.S. border by drug cartels.

And as working class Americans in border states, like Texas and Arizona, have learned first hand, there’s been nothing but a constant flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. over the past few years.

Without a secure border, there is nothing to prevent the human and drug trafficking occuring between the two countries.

And thanks to Democrats’ open border policies, it’s reached the point where illegal aliens are actively seeking out American border patrol agents because they know that if they’re picked up by federal border agents, they’ll not only be allowed to stay, but have all of their needs taken care of courtesy of working class American taxpayers.

As a result of unfettered illegal immigration, as many as 20 million, if not more, illegal aliens are now residing in communities across the United States.

Based on government census data, that means that the illegal aliens population in the U.S. is now larger than the populations of all but three entire states – California, Texas, and Florida.

And when the border is completely open, and illegal aliens are allowed to freely flow into and stay in the country without any concern from federal officials as to who they actually are, many criminal, violent, and deranged individuals can easily fly under the radar.

Meanwhile, drug cartels have been running Mexico with an iron fist for decades, and anyone who stands up to them faces unimaginable consequences – and that includes their family and friends.

Things are so bad, in fact, Mexican police officers are afraid to enforce the country’s laws, as they know that arresting the wrong drug cartel member – or almost any cartel member, for that matter – will only serve to ensure that they, and their families, face certain death.

It’s reached the point where the drug cartels have secured total control over large regions of the country, even setting up checkpoints to keep firm control over their empires.

IEDs in Mexico

But all the evil drug cartels have unleashed in their quest for power and control over Mexico up to this point pales in comparison to what they may be planning next, as it’s now become clear that just south of the U.S. border, some of the most powerful criminal organizations in history have now secured weapons of war.

Earlier this month, a Mexican drug cartel reportedly used buried improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in an attack on a police convoy.

The tactic that plagued the United States military in places like Afghanistan has stricken Mexico with fear.

The attack resulted in the deaths of four Mexican police officers, while fourteen others were injured.

And because of these attacks, Governor Enrique Alfaro of Jalisco, the state in which the attack took place, has issued an order to suspend the local police from taking action against the drug cartels out of fear that they will simply unleash more attacks.

Of course, as recent history has proven, it is only a matter of time before the drug cartels bring their shiny new toys to American soil.

Mexican drug cartels are very involved in the United States, and have caused the deaths of countless innocent Americans.

Hopefully, politicians will get off their hands and address the border madness before working class Americans start driving over IEDs.

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