The Washington Post’s newsroom erupted in chaos after one announcement put the newspaper’s future in jeopardy

Photo by Daniel X. O'Neil, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia,

Working class Americans are finally pushing back against woke left-wing extremism.

Democrats and their media allies are having to learn this the hard way.

And now, The Washington Post’s newsroom erupted in chaos after one announcement put the newspaper’s future in jeopardy.

Don’t turn on the American consumer

It’s undeniable that Democrats and their allies have gotten a “get out of jail free” card when it comes to crimes and felonies they commit.

The American justice system is now a two-tiered system in which Democrats never face prosecution, and everyone else are the main targets for power-hungry ruling class elites.

But even though the American people are treated as second class citizens in their own country, they still have an immense amount of power and authority thanks to the free market.

Both Bud Light and Target decided to force their woke agenda on consumers, only to have their customer base revolt against them.

In just two months, Bud Light has lost $15 billion in market capitalization as Americans have now turned on the famous beer brand because of its obsession with woke extremism.

And Target thought they were in the clear as their consumer base is mainly suburban women, but they too are feeling the wrath of a massive boycott for trying to promote woke extremism to children.

But the effects of promoting woke extremism go well beyond just the retail markets.

Media Outlets have been feeling the impact of pissing off the American people for the past several years as their viewership and revenues have fallen drastically.

Earlier this month, CNN fired its CEO, Chris Licht, just after a year after naming him to the position due to the fact that the network’s ratings have only continued to dwindle.

Licht even tried to bring former President Donald Trump into the mix with a town hall, which increased CNN’s ratings for that one hour, but it still wasn’t enough to save his job.

Now, Washington Post CEO Fred Ryan is joining Licht on the employment line.

CEO Fred Ryan loses his post

“Nine years ago, I was honored to be selected by Jeff Bezos to be Publisher and CEO of The Washington Post,” Ryan wrote in a memo to The Washington Post’s staff. “Working with Jeff and the exceptional team at The Post has been an incredible experience and enormously gratifying.”

“Together, we have accomplished one of the most extraordinary transformations in modern media history,” he added. “We have evolved from a primarily local print newspaper to become a global digital publication.”

Reportedly, Ryan previously laid off some 250 Washington Post staffers in order to “reorient” the company in light of a bleak financial outlook, but that obviously wasn’t enough to save his job.

Time will tell if the newspaper can last as they continue to exclusively peddle Democrat talking points.

But one thing that is for certain is the fact that corporations are taking some major losses as they continue to force woke extremism on the nation.

Will The Washington Post be around in 10 years?