The View’s Sunny Hostin just insulted millions of Americans with this disgusting racial attack

The View is ratcheting up its attacks on Republicans.

The hosts are probably testy because the Supreme Court is likely about to rule against Democrats.

And The View’s Sunny Hostin just insulted millions of Americans with this disgusting racial attack.

One of the biggest scams the Democrat Party has going is that they care about women, racial minorities, and other “marginalized” groups above their own self-interests.

That’s their entire scam.

In reality, they only care about those groups insofar as they are politically useful.

But left-wing talking heads keep this lie going with endless streams of propaganda.

And The View’s Sunny Hostin played her part in pushing the lie by bashing Republicans.

The discussion kicked off when the hosts talked about Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) defeating Republican challenger Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate runoff.

“I felt like [Walker] was relieved in a way,” Joy Behar claimed. “It’s, like, somewhere in this guy’s head, he must be thinking, these white guys, you know, [Senator] Lindsey [Graham (R-SC)] and the other one are, like, pushing him around. Trump telling him – they’re using him. I think he knew it and he looked relieved almost, to me.”

This is truly insulting.

By this logic, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and President Joe Biden are using Senator Warnock.

During a stump speech, President Biden bragged about Warnock voting the way he wanted nearly 100% of the time.

“As mentioned, 1.7 million people voted for Herschel Walker,” Hostin added. “Who are these 1.7 million people?!”

Not long ago, Hostin claimed that she and her dad came away more impressed with Walker in the debate than she thought – clearly, she’s forgotten that, but perhaps Georgia voters thought the same.

It’s not a stretch to wonder why Georgians would vote against a pro-abortion Marxist like Senator Warnock.

“To your point about the white guys, about Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham,” Hostin added. “You know, the Republicans are always arguing about identity politics and how Democrats use too much identity politics, and we talk too much about race and we talk too much about the LGBTQ plus community, and it’s not about identity politics. They made that race about identity politics. They tried to find a black man because there was another black man running.”

“And they found, to me, the worst, most unqualified, most undignified black man to run against Senator Raphael Warnock who has so much dignity and is actually a pastor at Martin Luther King’s former church!” she continued. “And so, that’s an insult to me as a black woman. Like, how dare you think that that is okay?”

This is a despicable comment from Hostin.

Democrats like her slander any Republican from a “marginalized” group if they don’t go along with the left-wing narrative.

For example, Republican commentator Larry Elder ran against Governor Gavin Newsom in the California Gubernatorial recall election, and he was smeared as the “black face of white supremacy.”

Elder is an Ivy League graduate with a law degree from Michigan, and he was viciously attacked all the same.

Democrats use identity politics to coerce people to vote in blocs, and they severely punish those who do not.

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