The View erupted in chaos after this co-host shockingly proclaimed a pro-life message

Screen Shot via YouTube, The View

American values are rarely displayed on The View. 

That’s apparently a choice producers make to keep the show from turning into a royal rumble.

And The View erupted in chaos after this co-host shockingly proclaimed a pro-life message. 

Most Americans are pro-life when they hear the message

One of the biggest disconnects between Hollywood and working class America is over the issue of life.

Most Americans believe that life should be cherished and protected, and most see just how evil the act of abortion truly is.

Hollywood, on the other hand, doesn’t see any issue with murdering children in the womb on-demand up until – and often after – the moment of birth.

And many in Hollywood aren’t just accepting of abortion, they advocate for abortions whenever possible. 

But when you ask the average American who doesn’t consider themselves to be pro-life or pro-abortion on-demand, they tend to lean more to the pro-life cause.

The issue is these independents on the issue get most of their information and talking points about abortion from Democrats’ allies in Hollywood and media.

And some theorize that if the pro-life message could see the light of day in Hollywood then the hearts and minds of those on the fence could be won over.

In a test of that theory, news broke late last week that the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that parents have a right to file a wrongful death suit for their frozen embryos. 

The basis of the ruling is that the court considered these frozen embryos to be unborn children. 

As you can imagine, Democrats went absolutely insane. 

And many were waiting in anticipation to see The View go absolutely insane over the pro-life ruling. 

But to the shock of suburban moms across the nation, one member of The View actually defended the ruling in a very strong pro-life message. 

Pro-life message on The View?!

Sunny Hostin told her fellow co-hosts of The View that the Alabama Supreme Court was right in its pro-life ruling, referencing her past experience with IVF.

“Now we did use frozen embryos, but because we are Catholic, we knew that we couldn’t destroy the embryos because they are, in our view, children,” Hostin said. “And we couldn’t just give them up for research because, in our view, they were children.  So we were, I feel, responsible in the sense that we used every single embryo and if every single embryo became a child, then we were going to take care of the child. And we don’t have any frozen embryos left, thank God, because I would probably have an extra baby.

When fellow hosts started to attack her pro-life stance, Hostin responded, “Well, it’s an unborn child.”

Time will tell if this pro-life message sinks in, but odds are it will fall on deaf ears as most who watch The View are all in on abortion on-demand up until – and often after – the moment of birth. 

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