The unprecedented move CBS News made against this journalist to protect Hunter Biden will turn you red with rage

Screenshot via Youtube, ABC News

CBS parent company Paramount just laid off hundreds of employees.

But some believe the company’s woke executives may have used those layoffs to cover-up a major cover up.

But now the unprecedented move CBS News made against this journalist to protect Hunter Biden will turn you red with rage.

Catherine Herridge was looking into Biden when she was fired from CBS

Paramount Global shocked the country earlier this month when they laid off over 800 employees, including several CBS News reporters. 

While it was surprising that a major media company like Paramount would lay off journalists in an election year, the big story here was the fact that respected journalist Catherine Herridge was among them.

Herridge was one of CBS News’ most prominent reporters, and an award-winning journalist that has been diving into ethics issues related to the Biden family. 

One of the last stories that she reported on was a transcript released following an interview between President Joe Biden and Special Counsel Robert Hur.

Herridge had noted on social media that the transcript indicates “there is concern that President Biden may have retained sensitive documents related to specific countries involving his family’s foreign business dealings…”

Now, there’s a new development in the firing of Herridge.

“They want to see what damaging documents she has…”

According to The New York Post, Herridge had personal files confiscated by CBS News ahead of her termination from the network. 

Co-workers at CBS said that this move is not only strange, but “unprecedented.”

One source told The Post that the materials were likely to contain work that Herridge had done while working for Fox News and CBS. 

The network reportedly took all Herridge’s belongings and told her that they would let her know what she could get back. 

“It’s so extraordinary,” they said, reflecting on the circumstances.

Another unnamed CBS reporter said that it wasn’t normal for a news outlet to seize personal data before being fired. 

“They never seize documents… they want to see what damaging documents she has,” they said.

The reporter went on to suggest that CBS isn’t looking ahead to what the possible “ramifications” for this action would be.

“She was pursuing stores that were un-welcomed by the Biden White House”

Herridge had reportedly been facing conflict with upper management at CBS over her coverage of the Biden family’s alleged corruption. 

Former CBS legal analyst Jonathan Turley pointed to Herridge’s focus on the Biden family when discussing the seized data with The Hill. 

“She was pursuing stories that were un-welcomed by the Biden White House and many Democrat powerhouses, including the Hur report on Joe Biden’s diminished mental capacity, the Biden corruption scandal and the Hunter Biden laptop,” he said.

CBS News pushed back on the speculation stating that they fully intend on returning the files to Herridge. 

“We have respected her request to not go through the files, and out of concern for confidential sources, the office she occupied has remained secure since her departure,” a spokesperson said.

“We are prepared to pack up the rest of her files immediately on her behalf—with her representative present as she requested,” they said.

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