The U.S. military just made another change to their admission standards that will leave you completely horrified

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Can our military win another war? 

This is a question many are asking as the military standards drop to a new low. 

And now the U.S. military just made another change to their admission standards that will leave you completely horrified.

Our once great and powerful military

The point of a military is to protect a nation and its borders.

For generations, that was exactly what the United States military did. 

They made sure that you and your family were protected from enemies foreign and domestic.

And when the United States military hit the battlefield, the goal was to win and win no matter what. 

That’s why the United States used to win war after war. 

And back in the day, our enemies used to be fearful of how bad they’re going to get their butt whooped when they saw the Stars and Stripes. 

But here we are in 2023, and our military is a laughing stock. 

Very few nations in the world take the United States military seriously at this point. 

Our military brass is more worried about teaching our service men and women about Critical Race Theory, and providing gender-affirming care, than they are about actually winning the objectives on the battlefield. 

And because of this, the recruitment in our military has significantly decreased. 

You’re hard pressed to find good qualified candidates who actually want to join the military these days.

It’s getting so bad, even military families don’t want to send their loved ones into the Armed Forces. 

So the military just did one thing to increase their recruitment pool that should be a wake-up call for all of us.

Use of calculators will save our military

It was reported by multiple sources that the Biden regime is contemplating a “change [to] how applicants take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB.”

More specifically, the Pentagon is looking at allowing the use of a calculator on the math section since current applicants are doing so poorly on the test. 

This is both a sign of a failure of our education system, and our recruitment pool in the military. 

“We are taking a systematic approach, which will assess the impact of calculator use, and we are developing a way forward for calculator inclusion based on best practices in test development and psychometric theory,” a Pentagon official told Fox News.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Army is expected to end up about 15,000 short of its target of 65,000 recruits by the end of the year. 

That is a miss of 23% from their recruitment goals. 

The solution to our dying military isn’t to have an easier entrance exam. 

Our military needs to leave the political battlefield, and focus on just winning at combat. 

If they go back to basics, recruitment will go back up and the United States may have a fighting chance if a war were to sadly emerge. 

But don’t hold your breath for any changes to our military’s objectives any time soon. 

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