The taxpayer-funded Smithsonian just announced that your tax dollars are funding a woke nightmare that will leave you seeing red

Photo by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

It’s June so that means things are about to get very loud and very bright. 

Rainbows, “Pride” displays, and debaucherous parades as far as the eye can see even in places you’d least expect to see it. 

And now, the taxpayer-funded Smithsonian just announced that your tax dollars are funding a woke nightmare that will leave you seeing red.

Sashay you stay, shontae away

From bars and restaurants to school classrooms and public libraries, drag shows are being forced on every aspect of society.

Even organizations like Major League Baseball and the U.S. military have gotten in on the act. 

But now, one of the largest museums in America is hosting a drag show, and the reasoning is beyond bizarre. 

The Smithsonian Institute will hold a drag show on June 23 as part of the museum’s so-called “Pride Month” celebrations. 

But the Smithsonian is practicing a unique blend of supposed “intersectionality” in this special drag performance. 

The Smithsonian’s intersectionality celebration

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in New York City is the particular branch of the Smithsonian in question. 

The event is meant to coincide seamlessly with this year’s Gotham’s Pride Month theme of “Strength in Solidarity.”

It is Pride Month after all – because the self-described “queer community” is so invisible the other 11 months of the year..

Fitting the topic of the museum, the Smithsonian’s “pride” celebration drag show will present “an evening of dynamic and fun performances that showcase the rich diversity of the Indigenous LGBTQIA+ community,” 

The Native American drag queens include Landa Lakes, Lady Shug, Sage Chanell, and Papi Churro. 

Never mind the fact that protests from radical leftists on behalf of Native Americans led Land O’ Lakes butter to change its logo back in 2020. 

Landa Lakes has appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and is considered, along with some of the other queens, leaders in the “two-spirit movement.”

Two-spirit is the term used to describe mentally ill individuals who are convinced that there are both masculine and feminine “spirits” living inside of them – it’s where the random number two comes from when left-wing radicals claim Americans who don’t buy Bud Light are engaging in supposed “domestic terrorism” against the “LGBTQAI2+ community.”

Dragging your kids into it

On a more serious note, the event is being advertised as if it’s appropriate for all audiences, and does not feature any age restriction on attendance, and simply advertises that seats are available “first come, first served.” 

Fox News asked the museum specifically about any age requirements to attend the drag show, but the Smithsonian refused to respond to those inquiries. 

Additionally, American taxpayers are being forced to foot the bill for this sexual exhibition.

According to a Smithsonian Institute fact sheet from 2020, 62% of the museum’s operation revenue comes from working class Americans’ tax dollars.

And thanks to no entry cost, the Smithsonian has now made it so parents can easily afford to bring their children to watch drag queens perform sexualized dance routines.

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