The Supreme Court is putting these woke colleges on notice

For years, America’s colleges and universities have completely failed in their duty to educate young minds.

Instead, universities have embarked on one social justice crusade after another, poisoning young minds in the process. 

But now the Supreme Court is putting these woke colleges on notice.

Affirmative action is an outdated relic that needs to go

For decades now, affirmative action has allowed colleges and other institutions to openly engage in racist and discriminatory practices.

Time after time, qualified candidates and applicants are passed over in favor of people who are not objectively qualified but meet the right demographics. 

This is discrimination, no matter how you want to cut it, and thankfully it appears as if the Supreme Court is finally ready to do something about it. 

That is because just this last Monday, the Supreme Court decided to hear two cases that involve race-based admissions at the University of North Carolina and Harvard. 

These are two separate cases but will be heard together. 

In both of these cases, the plaintiffs argue they were denied admissions to these universities on account of their race. 

The plaintiffs in both cases are being represented by Students for Fair Admission, which is claiming that their clients Asain race is preventing them from being accepted to these universities.

The universities are arguing that they are using affirmative action admissions practices, which they claim have been long established. 

Oral arguments have just begun and it is very difficult to gauge which direction things may be heading, but given the 6-3 make up of the Supreme Court, things are looking good for conservatives. 

Even better, newly-appointed Justice Kentaji Brown has recused herself from the Harvard case because she is a member of Harvard’s Board of Overseers. 

What this case could mean for the future of college admissions

If the plaintiffs do end up winning these cases, then this will be a huge victory for conservatives. 

It would wipe out discriminatory admissions practices at colleges and universities that have prevented so many highly qualified candidates from attending prestigious universities across the nation. 

Predictably, the Left is completely outraged by this prospect, claiming that affirmative action is needed to ensure their hand-picked minorities are overrepresented on college campuses. 

Not only is that idea morally bankrupt, but it shows just how desperate the radical Left is these days. 

This is just one of many far-left social engineering projects the Left have attempted over the years, and the results have been catastrophic. 

College is not a social experiment, as the Left would like you to believe, but rather a place to educate young minds and prepare them for future employment. 

Only leftists can turn something as basic as that into what college has become today. 

At many universities and colleges, social justice has gotten out of hand – whether it be safe spaces, people of color only zones, woke curriculums, and of course affirmative action. 

It is about time for these crazies to be put in their place for once.

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