The supposedly “right-wing” Supreme Court just handed anti-Second Amendment Democrats a massive win

Photo by Specna Arms from Pexels

Everyone is shocked by what the so-called “conservative” Supreme Court just did.

If you’re a gun owner it could affect you directly.

And now the supposedly “right-wing” Supreme Court just handed anti-Second Amendment Democrats a massive win.

Vote for conservative Justices

The Supreme Court was meant to have very limited and narrow authority over the United States, and its policies.

But thanks to radical Presidents, like Franklin Roosevelt, the Supreme Court’s power now rivals both the legislative and executive branchs.

Rather than just calling balls and strikes, the Supreme Court has been taking swings at policies, and running up the score on certain issues.

But this has been a double-edged sword for Democrats, who have pushed for the Supreme Court to have so much authority.

Republicans have been promoting the appointment of Supreme Court Justices as a reason to vote for Presidential and Senate candidates for the past few decades.

The 2016 election was a very good outcome for conservatives who wanted a more Constitutionalist Supreme Court, as former President Donald Trump was able to appoint three Justices to the Supreme Court, giving the Court a Constitutionalist majority for the first time in decades.

And these days, Democrats always like to label the Supreme Court as radical or conservative.

But unfortunately for working class Americans, neither of those labels are true.

The Supreme Court has been providing victories for Republicans on easy conservative cases.

For example, many on the Left are shocked that Roe v. Wade was overturned, but it wasn’t overturned because the Court is radically conservative.

It was instead struck down because it is a horrible, decades-old Supreme Court ruling that was based on emotion and not the letter of the law.

That’s why conservatives really shouldn’t be shocked about the knife the Supreme Court put in working class Americans’ backs over this Second Amendment ruling.

But unfortunately, their ruling has Democrats jumping with joy as they now see a pathway to restrict your gun rights.

SCOTUS rules for Biden

On July 5, a judge in the Northern District of Texas handed down a ruling that deemed the Biden ATF’s control over “ghost guns” as going beyond their authority granted by law.

And as you can imagine, the Biden Department of Justice brought the case to the Supreme Court to beg that the lower court’s ruling be stayed to allow the ATF authority to regulate “functional ‘frames’ or ‘receivers’ of weapons.”

And the “conservative” Supreme Court happily caved to the Biden regime, and stayed the lower court’s ruling, giving the ATF the authority to enforce arrests on ghost guns until their court hearing date with the Fifth Circuit.

There were a few conservative Justices that held the line for gun owners across America as Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch denied the Biden regime’s request to stay the lower court’s ruling.

If you want to have a last line of defense against Democrats’ radical gun control policies, you better hope the next President is a Republican who can put actual conservatives on the Court.

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