The state of New Mexico made one hair-raising move involving a literal satanic temple that will keep you up at night

Photo by Marc Nozell, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

If you are shocked by what the government does these days then it must be really appalling.

But when you read this story you’re going to wish you never did.

The state of New Mexico is endorsing one of the most heinous acts imaginable with a satanic temple.

When the government shocks you its a bad day

These days, faith in government, and the expectation most citizens have for government competency, is at an all-time low.

Around the world, the working class is no longer falling for the ruling class elites’ lies about government’s ability to resolve any issue in the face of endless examples of government incompetence, overreach, corruption, and utter failure.

Quite frankly, as far as many working class individuals are concerned, it’s becoming clearer each day that government is the biggest force of evil in the world – if nothing else, government has certainly been more responsible for death and despair than anything else in human history.

So every year, governments around the world, especially those run by left-wing radicals, push the boundaries of what is considered unacceptable in their never-ending quest for more power and control over the working class.

For instance, prosecuting a former President of the United States during an election cycle in which he’s his party’s frontrunner for President once again, would have previously caused massive outrage just a generation ago.

But now, half of the United States is cheering on the country’s transformation into a banana republic.

And one issue that truly shows just how deranged Democrats have become, as they keep pushing the limits on basic human morality, is abortion.

Quite frankly, Democrats have become outright obsessed with killing babies in the womb.

So after Roe v. Wade was overturned, Democrats went absolutely insane, instituting laws to keep the lucrative abortion industry going in any way that they could.

And of all the crazy and insane laws Democrats have passed on abortion, the law New Mexico passed may just take the cake.

New Mexico endorses “satanic abortion rituals”

In New Mexico, instead of doing their best to protect human life, the state government offers a hotline to actively direct women to different “healthcare” facilities that perform abortions.

And it was just reported that the New Mexico government’s hotline is referring people to the “Satanic Temple’s TST Health.”

TST Health reportedly performs ritualistic sacrifices of humans through abortion rituals – which is obviously a clear attempt to skirt restrictions on abortion by claiming the practice is protected by the First Amendment.

According to TST Health, they are a “collaborative of reproductive rights advocates and abortion care providers contracted and directed by The Satanic Temple to advance its Reproductive Religious Rights Campaign.”

The “abortion ritual” is one meant to “cast off unwanted feelings” by providing chants and praise while the baby in the womb is killed.

This is shocking even for Democrats.

As if medical abortions weren’t horrific enough, Democrats are now using government to literally promote Satanic abortion rituals that rip human children from the woman as a form of “sacrifice.”

No moral or just nation would ever accept this level of pure evil within government, and the fact that it’s now happening in America simply proves the nation is on the wrong path.

Should government promote satanic temples?