The State Department issued one warning about Americans traveling abroad that will rock you to your core

Rene Ehrhardt, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

A lot of Americans enjoy traveling to other parts of the world to experience new cultures and environments.

But doing so can come with plenty of risk.

Case in point the State Department issued one warning about Americans traveling abroad that will rock you to your core.

Americans are targeted and profiled in some countries

Tourists are being profiled at record numbers, particularly American travelers heading to specific countries overseas.

In a few cases, this profiling can be deadly with some Americans being drugged, robbed, and even killed in certain instances.

The Biden State Department issued a warning that some U.S. citizens have become victims of dating scams in Columbia, leaving them seriously injured, or even dead.

John Gobbels, chief operating officer of Medjet, an air medical transport program for travelers, said, “US citizens should definitely use caution while traveling and try their best not to stick out or be profiled as Americans while abroad.”

Tourist Ariel Figg recently booked a tour in the Dominican Republic, and her guide suddenly detoured her to a small village.

The group took Figg to a gift store filled with trinkets and pressured her to buy local artwork, but she refused.

She offered the guides a generous tip, but said, “They counted the money in front of us, scoffed at our faces, and told us that, as Americans, we should pay more because we can afford it.”

In some cases, Americans are “targeted overseas by criminals and sometimes by dishonest businesses, simply for being Americans,” according to Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Advanced Operational Concepts.

The profiling and targeting are largely thanks to Hollywood, which causes many people living in foreign countries to think that every American is rich and loaded with cash.

And while this type of profiling rarely leads to anything more serious than a lighter wallet, O’Rourke warns that people are brazen enough to use physical force in some parts of the world.

He urges Americans to be vigilant and always stay aware of their surroundings. 

How to prevent becoming a victim

Whether it’s physically dangerous or not, no one wants to be the victim of a tourist-target scheme.

One way to prevent being profiled is to avoid wearing USA T-shirts or sports jerseys with American teams on them.

You should also avoid wearing any political garb and should wear plain, neutral colors without a lot of graphics. 

Experts also advise tourists to be quiet while they travel.

Harding Bush, associate director of security for Global Rescue, said, “Be mindful of your volume and avoid drawing attention to yourself.”

The louder you are, the more you’re going to be profiled as an American tourist, so silence is golden when you go on your next adventure to a foreign country.

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