The secret accommodations Joe Biden’s regime made to cover up his physical decline may very well doom Democrats’ 2024 hopes

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

For many Americans seeing the President of the United States wave from the top of the Air Force One stairs is an image that’s etched in their memories.

But the current President has quietly taken a different course recently.

And the secret accommodations Joe Biden’s regime made to cover up his physical decline may very well doom Democrats’ 2024 hopes.

Instead of scaling the sometimes-wobbly 18-foot staircase that most every other President has used since the first Air Force One became active in 1949, President Joe Biden now opts for a shorter, sturdier set of stairs that fold out from the plane’s belly.

This shift in behavior has raised eyebrows and led to questions about his age and fitness for office.

Biden, who is 80-years-old, has stumbled on the taller stairs multiple times, drawing attention to his greatest political vulnerability, his age.

While the White House downplays the change, citing various factors like security and weather, it’s clear that the President’s choice of stairs is now a subject of scrutiny.

When a President travels, every detail is meticulously planned, including the choice of stairs for boarding and disembarking Air Force One.

Kent Gray, an expert in event planning who has worked for Republican Presidents and campaigns, emphasizes the importance of avoiding mishaps.

He recounts an incident involving then-Senator Bob Dole (R-TN), who was 73-years-old when he fell through a stage during a campaign event, causing a public relations disaster.

For Biden, the short stairs serve as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of a fall.

However, this choice also amplifies concerns about his age and physical fitness.

Democrat operatives involved in the Biden regime and other Democrat Presidents’ logistical decisions acknowledge the shift, but are cautious about discussing it due to the sensitivity of the topic.

Former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod believes that the choice of stairs should not be a determining factor in evaluating a President’s ability.

He emphasizes that leaders are elected based on their problem-solving skills, not their stair-climbing prowess.

However, Axelrod acknowledges that questions about age remain a significant concern amongst voters.

And Biden’s choice of stairs is certainly not the only determining factor that is causing the general public to question his mental and physical fitness for such an office.

Such a simple choice like which stairs to ascend, might not be a big deal for a younger candidate, but for Biden, whose age is already a source of concern for voters, it’s a key factor.

Biden’s preference for the shorter stairs sets him apart from his predecessors.

Former President Barack Obama rarely used the internal stairs, while former President George W. Bush only used them on 9/11 due to obvious security concerns.

Ascending the tall stairs to the iconic plane has long been a mark of the Presidency.

Although it might seem to be trivial – especially in comparison to other aspects of the job – it does beg the question of what other typical Presidential activities Joe Biden is avoiding.

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