The “Red Wave” was barely a ripple. But DeSantis scored a big win

Nationally, the results from yesterday were disappointing for Republicans. 

The most notable exception was in Florida, where DeSantis scored a landslide victory and Republican Senator Marco Rubio easily won reelection. 

So, while the “Red Wave” was barely a ripple, DeSantis scored a big win.

Bad day for Trump-backed Senate candidates

Democrats appear likely to maintain control of the Senate.

Vulnerable incumbent Democrat Senators Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and Patty Murray of Washington survived their reelection against Trump-backed challengers. 

For Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat, celebrity Doctor Mehmet Oz, who was Trump’s chosen candidate during the primary, lost to John Fetterman. 

Fetterman is suffering from severely diminished mental faculties as a result of a stroke, the effects of which were apparent during a recent debate. 

As a result, many on the Right are now questioning Trump’s role as GOP kingmaker. 

In 2016, Trump energized the base in a way that no other America First candidate has been able to duplicate, with the exception of Governor Ron DeSantis who was the big winner in the Midterms. 

Whatever your thoughts are on the 2020 election, focusing on whether or not Joe Biden was legitimately elected is not turning out voters for Trump-endorsed candidates. 

In order to win, the GOP needs to show like they are fighting for issues that conservative voters care about, and that is exactly what DeSantis has been doing. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear as though establishment neocons are making any inroads either. 

George W. Bush-backed, pro-abortion Republican Senate candidate Joe O’Dea got crushed by over 12 points in Colorado. 

And Never-Trump neoconservative Evan McMullin, who ran as an independent with support from Democrats and neocons alike was destroyed by conservative stalwart Mike Lee in Utah. 

The future of the GOP certainly won’t look anything like the Bush years, but it may no longer be led by Donald Trump. 

Is DeSantis the new leader of the Republican Party?

DeSantis absolutely crushed his opponent, Charlie Christ by 19 points. 

America’s Governor is also showing that Republican voters can win with Hispanics, which didn’t happen nationally this year. 

He easily won Miami-Dade County, which Biden had won by 16 points in 2020. 

DeSantis is showing how conservatives can win by focusing on issues voters care about and refusing to back down against the Left. 

He has stood up for the rights of parents to have a say in their child’s education, cut taxes for everyday workers, and pushed back on the woke agenda.

He also demonstrated leadership with his successful response to the recent hurricane. 

What this means for 2024

Prior to this election, there has been much speculation about whether or not DeSantis will launch a bid for the White House. 

A common belief was that he would not enter the race if Donald Trump does. 

During his victory speech, DeSantis boldly declared “I have only begun to fight.”

Trump also recently fired what seems to be the opening salvos of a Trump vs. DeSantis primary. 

He nicknamed him “DeSanctimonious” and stated that he has some “unflattering information” about DeSantis.

Hold onto your hats, folks, Republicans could be in for a bumpy Presidential Primary in the next few months.

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