The reason this Democrat opposes a TikTok ban will absolutely shock you to your core

Photo by Aboodi Vesakaran from Pexels

Over the past several years TikTok has been a cancer on society. 

But for some reason countless Democrats refuse to do anything about the damage the app is causing and will defend TikTok at all costs.

And the reason this Democrat opposes a TikTok ban will absolutely shock you to your core.

Few platforms are worse for kids than Tik Tok

It’s undeniable that social media has inflicted irreparable harm on society, and definitely more harm than good.

Today more than ever, children care more about what sick minds think on social media than they do about their parents’ concerns. 

With social media they are given full access to thoughts and trends that their parents would not dare let inside their house. 

But unfortunately, many parents these days either don’t have the fortitude to tell their kids no, or simply don’t care enough about their children’s future to say no, and just let them consume the horrible content online. 

And this is leading to countless children having their lives altered forever as they succumb to the trends of social media. 

Out of these emerging trends on social media we have seen a rise in woke ideology, like transgenderism, that would not have gained the foothold it has with younger generations without social media. 

And right now, the biggest social media platform pimping out ungodly and disgusting trends to kids is TikTok. 

Either by design or by an awful coincidence, nearly every video shown on TikTok is nothing short of demonic.

On the app, people trash the nation, tell kids they are a mistake and nothing but a product of “racism,” and even promote trends that can lead to death. 

For example, in 2022, the infamous TikTok trend “Angel of Death Challenge” took the platform by storm as children were challenged to jump in front of moving vehicles to “prank” the drivers. 

As you can imagine, some children died from this trend while others were seriously injured. 

But if TikTok’s bad influence on society wasn’t enough to have the app banned, the social media platform also collects and sends very personal data about its users to the Chinese Communist Party. 

And because of this, Republicans have been pushing for TikTok to be banned in the United States. 

But in a shocking move to many Americans, Democrats are coming to the defense of TikTok, fighting tooth and nail to keep the platform from being banned.

And no one can figure out why Democrats are such strong supporters of the harmful social media platform. 

The real reason Democrats support TikTok

One Congressional Democrat let the cat out of the bag and told Americans the real reason they don’t want to lose TikTok – political gain. 

Last week, Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-MT) told NBC’s MTP Now that users of Tik Tok “tend to lean Democratic.”

So Bowman reasoned, “if the Democratic Party is a part of shutting down a platform that they have used to build community, it can harm us politically in 2024.”

When he realized he said the quiet part out loud, Bowman tried to correct himself.

“But more importantly, it can harm the American people in our sense of well-being because people find space to be themselves on ticked off that they can’t find somewhere else,” Bowman claimed.

It’s a sad day for Democrats when they care more about their own political gain than children’s well-being. 

Should the United States ban TikTok?