The President of Mexico heaped an obscene amount of praise on Joe Biden for one reason that will turn you red with rage

Photo by David Peinado from Pexels

The President of Mexico couldn’t be happier to have Joe Biden in the White House.

But the reason for his love affair should concern every working class American. 

And the President of Mexico heaped an obscene amount of praise on Joe Biden for one reason that will turn you red with rage.

In an odd twist, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador showered unexpected praise on President Joe Biden during a meeting in San Francisco, hailing him as the “first President in the United States in recent times who has not built walls.” 

While López Obrador commended Biden’s approach, the narrative reveals a complex dance between border security policies, international relations, and a subtle acknowledgment of ongoing border wall activities.

López Obrador expressed his admiration for Biden’s wall-free stance, emphasizing a desire to address the supposed “root causes” of illegal immigration – which, in layman’s terms, simply means sending boatloads of American taxpayer money to countries that produce the most illegal immigrants to provide them with all the handouts the Biden regime provides them once they come to America in their home countries.

The Mexican President extended a warm welcome to illegal aliens from his country in the U.S., highlighting the significant number — around 40 million — who have made the U.S. their second home.

He also mentioned an emerging trend of American citizens moving to Mexico, fostering a sense of brotherhood between the two nations.

But it’s not all sunshine, as López Obrador might have it seem. 

Many Americans have pointed out that it seems that President Biden puts the well-being of the people of Mexico over that of the people of his own country.

Biden, sitting alongside López Obrador, emphasized collaborative efforts in combating arms trafficking, tackling organized crime, and addressing the opioid epidemic, particularly the fentanyl crisis. 

The diplomatic camaraderie, however, contrasts with recent revelations about the Biden regime’s approval of $950 million in contracts to repair and upgrade parts of the existing border wall in Arizona, California, and Texas.

The move stirred controversy, especially among conservatives, who had expected a departure from Trump’s border policies. 

The contracts, funded by Trump-era Congressional appropriations, raised eyebrows as they contradicted Biden’s anti-border-wall virtue signaling. 

In court documents reported by the New York Post, the Biden Department of Homeland Security detailed contracts for repair work, system attribute installation, and various enhancements in key border sectors.

Remediation efforts include closing gaps, installing gates, and improving infrastructure, indicating a nuanced approach to fortifying existing structures rather than erecting new ones. 

The term “system attribute installation” encompasses technological upgrades such as cameras, roads, and detection tools, aligning with Biden’s emphasis on technology-driven border security.

Notably, the contracts don’t allocate funds for additional wall construction, offering a rhetorical loophole for Biden to navigate his commitment to a wall-free narrative. 

This strategic dance between maintaining border fortifications and adhering to diplomatic principles underscores the delicate balancing act the Biden regime faces.

But the Biden border crisis that’s happening in America today tells a different story than the picture that the regime would want to paint. 

The meeting’s optics aimed at projecting unity and collaboration between the U.S. and Mexico, but the underlying complexities reveal a pragmatic approach to border security. 

President López Obrador’s praise, while a diplomatic gesture, doesn’t negate the reality of ongoing border wall activities or address the immigration crisis in America. 

This paradoxical scenario creates a narrative challenge for President Biden, attempting to satisfy international partners while managing domestic expectations.

For many Americans, the revelation of border wall contracts underscores concerns about the regime’s commitment to immigration policies that align with their ideology. 

The contradiction between Joe Biden’s border narrative and tangible actions fuels skepticism and critiques from anti-establishment voices.

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