The NFL is scrambling after these cheerleaders made one allegation against an opposing team’s players

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Fans are still talking about all the upsets, controversial calls, and thrilling plays made during the NFL playoffs last weekend.

But the league’s focus is likely elsewhere.

And the NFL is scrambling after these cheerleaders made one allegation against an opposing team’s players.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have multiple reasons for their post-season disappointments

As is the case virtually every year, many self-proclaimed “insiders” and “analysts” firmly believed that this year was finally the year the Dallas Cowboys would put it all together and win their first Super Bowl in over a quarter of a century.

And for much of the regular season, the Cowboys looked like they could be a legitimate playoff contender as they notched a 12-5 record on their way to winning the NFC East and securing the second seed in the NFL Playoffs, giving them home field advantage in their first round matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

But as has also been the case for the Cowboys since the aforementioned 1996 Super Bowl-winning season, things didn’t exactly go their way, as the Packers defeated them in a rather embarrassing 48-32 showing.

Without any real chance to ever win the game, the entire Cowboys organization was left crushed and disappointed by the defeat.

And that includes the world-renowned Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. 

However, the Cowboys’ cheerleaders were not just sad about the outcome – they were also bothered by what they alleged was hostility directed at them by some Packers players.

Last Wednesday, Cowboys cheerleader Darian Lassiter took to TikTok to describe what transpired between some Green Bay players and her squad.

“I have never experienced such disrespect from the other teams’ players to the cheerleaders in my five years as an NFL cheerleader,” Lassiter said..

“We would be minding our own business and the Packers would score a touchdown, and they would come up to us — standing on the sidelines, minding our own business, and start yelling at us,” she added.

Another Cowboys cheerleader, Jensen Merrill, commented on Lassiter’s post that she was “literally on the verge of tears.”

The Packers organization has yet to respond to any of these allegations. 

As far as football is concerned, Green Bay is now preparing to face-off against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California on Sunday.

Going into the season, the 49ers were another popular pick to make a Super Bowl run, and remain the clear favorite heading into their matchup with Green Bay.

But at the same time, the Cowboys were also favored over the Packers last week, so anything is possible. 

Meanwhile, Dallas is desperately attempting to pick up the pieces and figure out how to move forward on a path that will see the team actually meet expectations for once.

Many expected longtime Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to make major changes after such an embarrassing end to what was a promising season.

But instead, Jones quickly announced that head coach Mike McCarthy will return for a fifth season in Dallas, despite the team underachieving with a 1-3 record in the playoffs over the past three years.

Cheerleaders have become a focal point in the woke NFL

Most football fans will tell you that today’s NFL is much different than it once was. 

Like many other professional sports leagues and major corporations, the NFL has completely surrendered to the woke left-wing outrage mob.

Cheerleaders have become a focal point of the NFL’s woke obsession, with some teams eliminating their cheerleading squads entirely in favor of more “inclusive” mixed-gender dance squads – the Carolina Panthers even went out of their way to hire a transgender cheerleader.

The NFL has become so woke that cheerleaders will likely be extinct any day now.

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