The NFL and Bud Light doubled down on woke extremism with one infuriatingly insane promotion

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The NFL will not stay out of politics.

Now the league is trying to throw Bud Light a lifeline.

And now the NFL and Bud Light doubled down on woke extremism with one infuriatingly insane promotion.

The NFL’s image took a battering in recent years after the controversy surrounding disgraced former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American national anthem protest.

Players openly feuded with former President Donald Trump during the 2017 season, after he criticized players who protested the anthem, and described their actions as spitting on the graves of all those who fought and made the ultimate sacrifice to defend American freedom.

Then, during the 2020 season, the NFL openly embraced the violent and extremist Black Lives Matter movement.

The NFL painted the organization’s slogans on the field and players wore the names of minorities who were killed by police on their helmets.

Fans were furious and made it known.

At the opening game of the 2020 season, the crowd in Kansas City booed the hometown Chiefs and visiting Houston Texans during a pregame ceremony honoring the Black Lives Matter extremists.

The NFL took the hint and dropped politics – at least, until now.

Bud Light is desperate to boost sales after the month’s long boycott over a sponsorship deal with woke extremist Dylan Mulvaney.

The boycott was so massive that retailers stopped stocking Bud Light, and its Belgian parent company, Anheuser Busch, laid off 350 workers.

In a bid to help out a fellow woke corporation, the NFL is teaming up with Bud Light to give away NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions on YouTubeTV, which allows fans to watch every single game on Sundays and are valued at $489 per season.

“There are five prizes up for grabs, the biggest being NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions,” Awful Announcing repored. “Options are made available to those who have a base plan subscription and to those who do not. According to the giveaway’s rules, Anheuser-Busch intends to give 2,000 subscriptions to NFL Sunday Ticket away in the contest, which expires on October 16.”

“Additionally, Bud Light is giving away numerous e-gift cards worth $35.00-$150.00,” the report added. “Furthermore, once you enter, you automatically earn 20 percent off your next purchase at”

Bud Light wouldn’t have to resort to gimmicks and giveaways if the company would just put out a statement apologizing for its attempts to force woke extremism on its customers, and promising to never do anything like that ever again.

But that would invite the wrath of the woke left-wing outrage mob.

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