The National Archives may have just made a shocking admission about Biden’s document scandal

Joe Biden is buried in a pile of document scandals, but he doesn’t seem to be the least concerned.

That’s because Federal agencies are proving that they are willing to do whatever it takes to protect the president.

However, the National Archives might have just made a Freudian slip, and a shocking admission, in a recent statement.

The House Oversight Committee already had a calendar chock-full of investigations aimed at Joe Biden. Now, Committee Chairman, James Comer will add to it Biden’s handling of classified documents. 

The problem is that he keeps running into administration officials who are running cover for Biden.

National Archives under direction to stay silent on Biden documents

The House Oversight Committee already had a calendar chock-full of investigations aimed at Joe Biden. 

Now, Committee Chairman James Comer will add to it Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. 

Comer’s staff recently conducted an interview with the general counsel for the National Archives. 

The meeting was recorded and should’ve involved direct questions about the timeline and circumstances for Biden’s possession of the documents.

However, Comer says that the interview was about to start when they received a letter from the Department of Justice. 

He says it was to inform the committee that “the general counsel for the National Archives wasn’t allowed to say anything about the Biden documents.”

The committee went ahead with the interview. 

It lasted about over three hours and they realized that there was a big problem.

They discovered a major “double-standard”

Biden’s counsel wasn’t forthcoming at all, and Comer says what they did learn is that “there is a double-standard here with how Donald Trump was treated versus Joe Biden.”

Everything that has happened to Donald Trump is put out front and center for the American public to see. 

They practically publicize it, and the anti-Trump leaks are endless. 

Comer discussed this at length in an interview on Fox News. 

“If you go on the National Archives website, there’s pages and pages of press releases and information about the FBI’s raid into Mar-a-Lago and Donald Trump’s possession of classified documents,” he explained. 

In contrast, Comer says there isn’t a single “press release or anything on the website about Joe Biden.” He went on, “so we asked the general counsel, ‘Why were there no press releases sent on Joe Biden once it was determined that he had classified documents in his possession?’”

“Ordered” not to publish statements on Biden

The National Archive counsel said that he did draft releases but was “ordered” not to publish them. 

This statement was very concerning to the House Oversight committee, but there was even more. 

When they asked who gave him the order, “He said, ‘I can’t tell you that,” Comer revealed.

Comer went onto explain that “there are only two people that could have given him those orders—and that’s either the Department of Justice with Merrick Garland or the White House with Joe Biden.” 

No matter who it was, the House Oversight Committee rightfully sees it as interference in an investigation.

This is a major departure from how the previous committee was treated when searching for information on Donald Trump. 

Comer says, “National Archives gave them every bit of information that was requested on Donald Trump…”

An unknown federal official is stopping the National Archives from reporting pertinent information regarding a government scandal. 

The pinnacle of corruption.

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