The military industrial complex is in a panic after their main recruiting pipeline has suddenly dried up

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A thriving military is vital for the future of the United States.

But the degradation of the military should worry everyone.

And the military industrial complex is in a panic after their main recruiting pipeline has suddenly dried up.

Is the military still able to defend America?

Every time the United States goes into military combat, a debate rightly erupts over whether the nation should even be involved in the affair in the first place.

And thanks to the ruling class elites and military industrial complex’s never-ending quest to involve the U.S. in senseless, perpetual conflict, no one can deny the fact that America has made a lot of enemies over the decades.

From the Cold War, with traditional adversaries like Russia and China, to military excursions in the Middle East, there’s a lot of people who have the United States at the top of their hate list, and for good reason.

And the main line of defense between citizens and America’s enemies is the military.

For generations, America has been protected by air, sea, and land from attack or invasion.

But that line of defense against the endless list of America’s foreign enemies is quickly dwindling.

Over the past several years, it’s become clear that the U.S. military is not what it used to be.

One of the world’s most feared fighting forces is now nothing more than a tool for woke extremism, with more training on so-called “equity” and “inclusion” than military combat.

And because of these policies, few want to join the military these days.

And now, there’s a new stat about military recruitment that is driving the military industrial complex bonkers.

Even veterans don’t want to be a part of the military

It’s crazy to think that nearly 80% of new military recruits are from military families.

But now, even military families are trying to convince their children to stay out of the armed forces.

According to the Wall Street Journal, countless military families are trying to steer their children away from a future in the military.

As Navy veteran Catalina Gasper described her reasoning to keep her kids away from a military career, “We’re left with the gut-wrenching feeling of, ‘What was it all for?’ I just don’t see how it’s sustainable if the machine keeps chewing up and spitting out [recruits].”

And the push by parents to keep their children out of the military is working.

According to records from the Pentagon, only 9% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 21 have expressed a desire to pursue a military career.

But the fault for low recruitment numbers, according to the Pentagon, is not because of woke extremism that has infested the military, or the fact that the ruling class elites have decided to turn America’s military into the world’s police force, but because of those who have questioned the necessity of hosting drag queen shows on military bases.

“What I’m trying to talk about now is how that drip, drip, drip of criticism about a woke military is having some counterproductive effects on recruiting,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth claimed last month.

And her attacks against those trying to save the military from woke extremism are exactly why so many veterans are running from the military.

Either way, the military’s dismal recruiting numbers should strike fear in every American.

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