The media is panicking after they got hit with this brutal reality check about Donald Trump’s indictment

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Democrats and their media allies broke out in celebration after Donald Trump’s latest indictment.

Their plot to stop the former President isn’t working out how they hoped.

Now the media is panicking after they got hit with this brutal reality check about Donald Trump’s indictment.

Former President Donald Trump was hit with his fourth criminal indictment in Fulton County, Georgia for contesting the results of that state’s 2020 Election.

The growing number of criminal indictments against Trump was supposed to be the end of his presidential campaign, according to conventional wisdom.

The former President is defying the so-called political experts once again.

He’s adding to his overwhelming lead in the GOP Primary, and is neck and neck with President Joe Biden in the General Election.

The criminal indictments aren’t having the expected effect of derailing his campaign.

The Wall Street Journal released a poll after Trump’s fourth indictment that found him tied nationally with Biden at 46% each.

Political commentators on ABC’s This Week were stunned at the results of the poll.

“It is kind of shocking in a way that despite all of the baggage that Donald Trump carries, he’s tied with Joe Biden right now,” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos said in regards to the poll. “With every passing month, with every new indictment, Donald Trump seems to be consolidating his control over the Republican Party.”

The Wall Street Journal’s poll revealed serious red flags for President Biden in a rematch of the 2020 election.

According to the poll, two-thirds of Democrats believe that the President is too old to be running for a second term.

Biden was underwater with voters for his handling of Communist China, the Biden border crisis, inflation, and the economy.

Trump received more support from voters than Biden on being “mentally up for the job,” having “a vision for the future,” and “a strong record of accomplishments as President.”

Stephanopoulos’ guest, former Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile, said that she had never seen anything like the movement that Trump has built.

“When I looked at that recent poll, the Wall Street Journal, I said, ‘this could keep me up at night,’” Brazile told Stephanopoulos.

A slew of polls that were recently released by the Economist and YouGov, Morning Consult, Emerson, and The Messenger and HarrisX, all found that Trump has a lead over Biden or is trailing by a single point.

The Real Clear Politics national polling average indicates that Biden is leading Trump by just .04%, a statistical dead heat.

Trump is now polling better against Biden than at any point during the 2020 election cycle.

Democrats’ witch hunts against the former President is backfiring and confounding the media.

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