The Manhattan Institute just blew the lid off one dark secret Democrats are keeping about their “reparations” proposals

Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

Woke extremist activists have been trying to divide the country along racial lines for decades.

They actually expect every non-black American to fully support Democrats’ schemes to take their hard-earned income and redistribute it to make every black American a millionaire.

But now the Manhattan Institute just blew the lid off one dark secret Democrats are keeping about their “reparations” proposals.

Reparations are closer to becoming reality than you think

Woke extremists have been pushing a racially divisive narrative for decades. 

After years of simmering tensions, things are starting to heat up again. 

One of the most controversial topics driving this resurgence is the woke extremist idea that all black Americans are entitled to become millionaires through “reparations” – aka the redistribution of every non-black Americans’ hard-earned money to black Americans – due to America’s “undeniable” history.

Democrat-controlled cities in California, Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Minnesota are moving forward with conducting studies on reparations they hope will eventually serve as a framework for their redistribution of wealth schemes. 

California’s task force on the issue says that each black resident in the state should be entitled to a cash payment of up to $1.2 million.

Woke extremist activists, like Liberation Ventures’ Trevor Smith, hope that reparations could bring “racial repair” to the United States, and that all non-black citizens should have a “shared duty” in paying them. 

Smith believes that America faces an “undeniable truth,” and the government “owes both a moral and financial debt to Black Americans.”

Regardless of whether Americans support these proposals, they will end up footing the bill.

Reparations programs could cost non-black Americans up to $50 trillion

While these Democrat-controlled cities’ task forces continue to examine the issue from an emotional perspective, the Manhattan Institute is taking a more logical approach. 

The Institute’s Charles Fain Lehman conducted a study, and is now explaining the impact these measures could have on all non-black taxpayers.

Figures for reparations are usually not calculated based on physical or emotional harm that woke extremists activists use to justify the cause. 

Rather they are calculated based on the perceived wealth gap between black and white Americans. 

Lehman’s report estimates that the black community would need to receive at least $15 trillion from the government to close such a gap.

The $15 trillion is on the low end of the estimate, and Lehman says that if a national reparations plan came close to the recommendations of California’s task force, the figure could be much higher. 

Paying $1.2 million to 90% of the black population would cost the government over $50 trillion.

Woke extremists couldn’t care less about the consequences

A reparation program of $50 trillion is more than double the U.S. GDP, and over 10-times the amount of tax revenue the federal government collects each year. 

Government might be the payer for these programs, but the money will obviously come from all non-black taxpayers.

Lehman says that “the historical justification for reparations or other inter-group transfers rests in part on the sense that there is one group which has been oppressed and another group which has done the oppressing.” 

This gives woke extremist activists a moral justification to take from working class non-black Americans.

Beyond creating more racial division in the U.S., this plan would place the burden on a large group of people who are not even descendants of slave owners. 

Woke extremist activists, like Smith, don’t care about this side of the story. 

Smith says, “there are countless initiatives funded by… taxpayer dollars that” people don’t “endorse.” 

But this could economically cripple all non-black American taxpayers for generations.

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