The mainstream media is working overtime to cover up this Biden stumble

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Nearly every time Joe Biden gets up from his beach chair and opens his mouth, a humiliating gaffe ensues. 

While most Americans are worried about Biden’s medical acuity, the liberal media establishment is actively working to ignore the problem. 

But bumbling Biden just let loose this gaffe that has the legacy media scrambling to cover up. 

The mainstream media will do just about anything to protect Joe Biden

Joe Biden may just be the most gaffe-prone President in modern American history.  

With this in mind, the mainstream media has gone into overdrive to cover for their favorite President.

Last week, for example, a photo of Joe Biden posing with supporters went viral after it appeared that he was wearing a construction hat backward. 

Almost immediately, the internet began roasting Joe Biden for this embarrassing gaffe, with many pointing out that this gaffe embodies just how out of touch he is with working-class Americans. 

Nonetheless, the left-leaning so-called fact-checking service Snopes rushed to Joe Biden’s defense, which came back to haunt them. 

In response to Joe Biden’s backward hat episode, Snopes claimed, “The photo is genuine. And it does look, at first glance, like Biden was wearing that hard hat backwards.” 

Snopes added, “But after comparing it to other photos and videos of the same event, we were forced to reach the opposite conclusion: The hat on Biden’s head was facing forward, bill to the front, not backward.”

Soon after delivering this verdict, the internet erupted in outrage with many labeling Snope’s claims as politically motivated. 

As a result of the backlash, Snopes issued a bizarre editor’s note walking back their ruling, saying “We received a ton of comments in a very short time challenging our assumption that wearing a hard hat ‘backwards’ means wearing it with the bill facing to the rear, and ‘forwards’ means wearing it bill to the front.”

Snopes then essentially admitted that Joe Biden wore the hat backwards after all. 

At the end of the day, the direction of Joe Biden’s prop construction hat does not have much significance, however the lengths to which Snopes went to defend Joe Biden demonstrates Snope’s incredibly far-left political bias. 

Snopes has come under fire in the past for similarly defying the truth to defend the Left’s political agenda, especially when it comes to defending Democrat elected officials such as joe Biden. 

So-called “fact-checking” has revealed itself as nothing more than a mainstream media scam

More often than not, so-called “fact checking” services and platforms such as Snopes, have revealed themselves as flawed and politically biased. 

Political opinions masquerading as “fact-checking” have become all the rage with the Left, who wishes to expand the use “fact-checking.” 

The Left similarly wishes to expand the use of so-called “misinformation prevention” which similarly conflates fact-checking with opinion checking. 

Media experts believe that these tools represent the Left’s mission to control free speech online and elsewhere. 

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