The MacGyver-esque move this airline passenger pulled to avoid outrageous baggage fees will blow your mind

Photo by Shoval Zonnis from Pexels

It’s no secret that airlines love padding their profits with exorbitant fees.

Whether it’s being allowed to pick your seat, flying over the holidays, or carrying more than one bag they always find a way to charge more.

But now the MacGyver-esque move this airline passenger pulled to avoid outrageous baggage fees will blow your mind.

Man removes wheels from suitcase to pay less

A man named Daniel was shocked recently when he headed to the airport in Palma, Mallorca to board his flight.

Upon arriving, he was preparing to board the short flight to the Spanish mainland, but a Ryanair agent told him he owed another $76 in fees for his bag because it was just over the weight limit.

Understandably angry about the insanely high surcharge, Daniel decided to take matters into his own hands.

He said, “I told Ryanair it cost me 30 Euros ten years ago and I wasn’t going to pay the 70 Euros they were asking me for.”

“So I decided to break it,” he added, referring to his suitcase. “It would have cost me more to check the case in than I spent on the flight.”

The passenger recruited the help of friends to try and get the “oversized” suitcase down to a more reasonable size.

Two of the men held the suitcase down, and another pulled on the wheels as hard as they could to remove them.

“Imagine it doesn’t fit after this,” one of his friends joked at the time.

Once the group was done, they received a round of applause from several fellow travelers inside the airport.

This isn’t the first time a person has done something to their suitcase to get it down to size.

A pair of Italian travelers went viral two years ago when EasyJet threatened them with a higher surcharge because the suitcase was a mere one inch too large.

The idea of paying outrageous airline baggage fees has now become fodder for jokes.

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco made fun of the growing problem of dealing with overfilled suitcases.

He pretended to unpack a shoe from his make-believe overweight bag on stage during a comedy bit to avoid being charged “an extra eight thousand dollars.”

Excess fees continue to be an issue

It’s not just European airlines that are facing backlash over insanely high fees.

An American influencer went viral after sharing a “hack” that suggested passengers remove the stuffing from travel pillows and use the excess space as luggage.

Referring to Spirit and Frontier Airlines, the influencer said. “I ain’t tryna pay $60 for a carry-on.”

She noted that her travel pillow had a zipper, so she decided to use it as her carry-on bag instead.

The influencer said, “Here’s my luggage. Let’s see if I make it on without paying.”

Later, the woman posted another video telling viewers that her hack worked, and she was able to make all of her flights to and from Las Vegas without being charged any extra fees.

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