The left-wing outrage mob is fuming after College Republicans scored one major free speech victory on this university campus

Photo by Stanley Morales from Pexels

Democrats – and authoritarians in general – thrive when free speech dies.

So it should come as no surprise that colleges and universities have been on an all-out war against students’ right to express conservative thoughts.

And now the left-wing outrage mob is fuming after College Republicans scored one major free speech victory on this university campus.

Without free speech, freedom dies

It’s undeniable that free speech is necessary for a free society to thrive – when you have free speech you have open debate, which is crucial to finding the truth-based solution to the most difficult issues facing mankind.

When a society follows the truth, they’re better positioned to not only survive, but thrive, than if they blindly follow the lies and deceptions of self-serving ruling class elites.

As such, there is an unsurprising correlation between restrictions on free speech and the growth of woke extremism in the United States.

Ever since the 1970s and 80s, universities across the United States have been restricting students’ ability to think for themselves and freely express their opinions.

As a result, the only line of thinking allowed in “higher education” is woke extremism.

It’s gotten to the point that anyone carrying a Bible or American flag on college campuses will be openly attacked and ridiculed.

And no one would be shocked if a physical assault, or worse, occurred as well.

The only way to reverse the rising tide of woke extremism is to fight for freedom of speech on college campuses.

And now, conservative students at some colleges and universities are starting to rack up small victories that could potentially have a major impact on society.

Northwestern University learned a lesson

The Northwestern University chapter of College Republicans were recently planning to host prominent author, and Critical Race Theory critic, James Lindsay, for an on-campus discussion on such issues.

Lindsey has become the target of Democrats after he released books such as Race Marxism: The Truth About Critical Race Theory and Praxis.

That apparently includes the woke extremist in Northwestern’s student government, who had a total meltdown after hearing that Lindsey was coming to the campus.

And in true woke left-wing outrage mob fashion, the Northwestern student government pulled the funding College Republicans, and every other group on campus, receives from the school to offer students extracurricular activities.

The woke extremists in student government claimed they stripped the club of its funding for posting “inappropriate” flyers around campus, and on Twitter.

But that’s an obvious infringement on the Republican students’ right to free speech, and it led the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) to put Northwestern on notice.

In a letter, FIRE made the university well aware of the issues it would face if it continued allowing left-wing extremists in student government to strip the College Republicans of their rights.

“After the letter from FIRE, ASG leadership told the College Republicans that Northwestern’s Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance had decided not to investigate the flyers,” FIRE wrote in a statement. “Thus, the freeze on the funding was void.”

Hopefully, more action is taken against colleges and universities that restrict any student’s right to free speech.

Because the future of the United States depends on the ability of future generations to think for themselves and that won’t happen unless college campuses are permanent free speech zones.

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