The horrifying discovery one mother made at her neighborhood pool has Joe Biden in a total panic

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Drug use has exploded all across America especially in Democrat-controlled cities and states.

An endless supply of deadly drugs like fentanyl flowing across the wide open southern border has created a perfect storm to fuel the national drug epidemic to unprecedented levels.

But now the horrifying discovery one mother made at her neighborhood pool has Joe Biden in a total panic.

The drug epidemic has spiraled out of control under Democrat “leadership”

America’s drug epidemic is not a new phenomenon, but Democrat ruling class elites going war out of their way to fuel the epidemic is only something that’s been happening for the past few years.

With drug cartels and others continuing to not only manufacture and sell massive quantities of fentanyl that they are then frivolously adding it to other drugs, like cocaine or even prescription medications, creating a situation in which many drug users are overdosing from fentanyl without ever even knowing they were taking it.

For decades, the state of Oregon has faced a massive issue with drug addiction and overdose, and as a result of Democrats’ forcing woke extremism on the state, they chose to address those issues by simply opening the floodgates and legalizing all drugs.

Now, an Oregon mother has found over 80 grams of fentanyl just lying in their neighborhood park, Tanner Springs Park, while taking her children for a stroll.

Considering the fact that studies have shown just 2 milligrams of fentanyl – an amount so small it can be balanced on the tip of a No. 2 lead pencil – is enough for a lethal dose, the 80 grams the mother found would be enough to kill 40,000 adults, and even more children.

In 2020, the city of Portland led Oregon’s decriminalization of all drugs, making the use of fentanyl and other hard drugs totally legal.

The results have been devastating, and incidents like this have become a part of daily life for many Portland residents. 

University Park Neighborhood Association president Tom Karwaki spoke to Fox News after this incident, voicing his outrage over the city’s inability to keep drugs off of the streets. 

“I think everyone is outraged,” Karwaki said. “No playground is safe in the United States.”

“We have to demand a lot more from our public officials,” he added. “We need to have our playgrounds staffed, cleaned and patrolled – and that’s something that everyone should be asking for citywide, nationwide.”

Unfortunately for Karwaki and other concerned residents, such pleas rarely seem to make a difference.

Instead of getting drugs off the streets – or in this case, the playgrounds – Portland officials are more concerned with increasing access to drugs. 

The Democrat-controlled city is a hotbed for fentanyl, and the city’s radical policies to effectively legalize the drug are only adding fuel to the fire.

Democrat-sanctioned drug use is tearing America apart

At this point, drug use is being completely ignored in Democrat-controlled cities and states across America. 

As a result, crime is on the rise, and more and more Americans are overdosing on a daily basis. 

Instead of taking steps to clean up the streets, Democrats are determined to fight for policies that ensure fentanyl is available on every street corner.

Some Democrat-controlled cities, like New York City, have even recently rolled out taxpayer-funded vending machines containing pipes, needles, and other paraphernalia that make drug abuse easier.

Although Democrats claim they are working to prevent drug use, in reality they are making it easier than ever.

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