The gravity of inflation is starting to fade as other issues take over ahead of the Midterms

Americans feel the crushing weight of high inflation as it siphons money out of their wallets, savings, and retirement plans.

The saying, “it’s the economy, stupid” has never felt truer than it has in recent months.

But inflation is starting to take a backseat to some other key issues that are starting to jump into the spotlight ahead of the Midterms.

New issues are starting to gain headway as November approaches

Many voters still view inflation as a major issue before the Midterms, however, some other issues are starting to become more prevalent.

A recent NPR-PBS Newshour-Marist poll still shows inflation as a top voter issue, but it’s down seven points, currently at 30 percent versus July’s 37 percent.

On the other hand, a Gallup poll conducted this week found that 56 percent of respondents feel inflation is causing moderate to severe financial hardships.

Meanwhile, a major rail strike is gearing up as over 30 agricultural groups are urging lawmakers to take action to prevent it.

If the U.S. sees a rail strike, it could cause serious issues for the transport of crucial commodities like food, throwing fuel on the already raging inflation fire.

The stoppage of freight rail would certainly make inflation worse as approximately 115,000 workers are threatening to strike as soon as September 16.

The strike could lead to supply chain issues for everything from grain and fertilizer to steel, coal, and plastics.

But the rail strike isn’t the real issue that’s taking over the spotlight.

The decriminalization of marijuana seems to be a major issue that’s currently piquing voters’ interest according to recent polls.

Democrats are putting pressure on Biden to make marijuana reform a major issue before the November Midterms.

In 2020, Biden campaigned on decriminalizing marijuana, but he’s done little to nothing to address the issue since he won the election.

Liberals want to prohibit people from going to jail for the recreational use of marijuana and want to see more states legalize the drug.

They also know that using the marijuana decriminalization platform on the campaign trail could lead to more Democrat votes in November.

Foreign handouts and the housing crisis also taking center stage

As Americans struggle to buy food, pay their bills, and afford housing, the Biden administration continues to give billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine.

Another $2 billion in military support is heading to Ukraine and several other nearby countries that are vulnerable to attacks from Russia.

This massive amount of foreign aid would push the total to more than a whopping $15 billion sent to Ukraine since August 2021.

Those who value liberty know that foreign aid is immoral and almost always ends up in the hands of the corrupt, rather than going to the people who really need it.

The U.S. housing crisis is another issue that’s looming large ahead of November.

Interest rates are skyrocketing, making qualifying for and affording mortgages unattainable for the average borrower. 

Rental costs are also going up, which means most lower to middle-class citizens can’t find a roof over their heads that they can actually afford.

Combine the latest housing crisis with inflation, and it’s a recipe for disaster for many Americans.

The fact that inflation might be taking a backseat to some other issues just shows you how bad things are in Biden’s America right now.

And that should be the determining factor for many voters headed to the polls this November.

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