The former DHS agent who inspired Sound of Freedom finally broke his silence and thrashed the media’s propaganda

Photo by United States Department of Homeland Security, Public Domain via Picryl

The movie Sound of Freedom has sold out theaters nationwide since its July 4 release.

All the while Democrats’ media allies have been attacking the film and the former DHS agent it’s based on.

And now the former DHS agent who inspired Sound of Freedom finally broke his silence and thrashed the media’s propaganda.

Film depicting former government agent freeing dozens of children is criticized by the press

Sound of Freedom defied all odds when annihilated Disney’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny at the box office earlier this month.

The film was released on July 4, which is usually a coveted date for summer releases, and had a limited advertising budget.

But a grassroots movement took this film to a place never expected.

For some reason, Democrats’ media allies went on an all-out attack against the film, describing it as “QAnon” content that only serves to rile up “conspiracy theorists.”

The most interesting part is that the film is based on the true events that occurred during a raid that received major coverage in 2014.

The film depicts former Department of Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard, who quit his job with the federal government to chase down child traffickers and free over 50 children from captivity before ultimately founding Operation Underground Railroad, which has now saved thousands of children.

It didn’t take a lot of convincing for Ballard to make such a move, especially after his wife told him that he had no other choice.

Now, after nearly two weeks of self-proclaimed “journalists” writing hit pieces about Ballard, he’s finally standing up.

What happened to these kids is “real”

Ballard said that the film is not just a thriller written to entertain people, but also a major project to raise awareness around the global child sex-trafficking industry that is growing at an unprecedented rate.

He’s using the money he earns from the film to further Operation Underground Railroad’s efforts.

The former DHS agent has had to work overtime to separate this story from the conspiracy theories that have overtaken the internet.

After outlets like The Guardian and Jezebel slandered the film as “QAnon adjacent” and an “anti-trafficking fantasy,” Ballard is trying to set the record straight.

Ballard admits that – like every movie ever created in the history of filmmaking – the filmmakers took creative license with the film due to time constraints, and the like, but didn’t change the message.

“They do make me look way more badass in the movie than I am or ever was,” Ballard admitted. “But it’s based in truth. The kids are real, what happened to them is real. All the bad guys and the good guys are real.”

He went on to slam anyone who was trying to politicize the issue of child trafficking.

Critics are fueling the film’s success

Ballard says the film’s message “at its core, is a message about protecting children from child-trafficking cartels,” and that it’s a shame that some are trying to make it “political.”

He added that he’s “never seen a time when the country has been more divided and somehow the safety and protection of kids is in the balance.”

Ballard also said that Disney did a disservice by “shelving” the film for 4 years, and had it been released when it was produced, it would have been “applauded and written up by every news outlet as an important topic.”

Instead, the movie was released at a time when it seems impossible to bring political factions together.

“I don’t understand [the criticism], but thank God,” producer Eduardo Verastegui said, adding that “the more they attack the movie, people show up.”

Ballard said he just hopes that government officials will “start enforcing the border… [because] it’s the only compassionate thing to do if you care about children.”

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