The Fake News Media’s coverage of this horrific story out of Nebraska will leave you filled with rage

A mother and daughter in Nebraska carried out a horrific crime.

The details of which will make you sick.

But the Fake News Media’s coverage of this horrific story out of Nebraska will leave you filled with rage.

It’s disgusting, but sadly not surprising.

When the news broke that a woman was being arrested for helping perform an abortion on her daughter, the media spent all of their ink crying over the fact that Facebook handed over messages between the mother and daughter about their horrific crime, rather than the horrific crime itself.

They made the fact that the Facebook messages were obtained legally with a warrant a small footnote in their agenda-driven stories as it doesn’t conveniently fit into their deplorable worldview.

Callously murdered in the womb and buried in a shallow grave

According to media reports, Jessica Burgess helped her six-month pregnant daughter Celeste perform an abortion back in April before the United States Supreme Court handed down the Dobbs decision effectively overturning Roe v. Wade.

According to CBS News, the two were charged with “a single felony for removing, concealing or abandoning a body, and two misdemeanors: concealing the death of another person and false reporting” in June.

This was after they lied to investigators claiming that the baby was stillborn back in April and that “they put the fetus in a bag, placed it in a box in the back of their van, and later drove several miles north of town, where they buried the body.”

The detective investigating the case also noted that they had attempted to burn the body, which was later confirmed in the Facebook messages.

“Burn the evidence afterward”

It was the Facebook messages that investigators received with a warrant that revealed the mother/daughter duo had actually performed an abortion on a 24-week-old unborn child.

According to modern science, a child is considered viable outside the womb at 24-weeks-old. 

The charges against the mother and daughter for performing an illegal abortion soon followed.

The Facebook messages obtained by investigators confirmed the details of the heinous crime being carried out by the mother and daughter, including the mother obtaining abortion pills and their plans to “burn the evidence afterward.”

It also revealed the absolutely callousness towards this unborn child, with the daughter talking “about how she can’t wait to get this ‘thing’ out of her body” and that she “will finally be able to wear jeans.”

Democrats want this type of abortion to be legal

There’s no denying it. 

All one has to do is listen to the crystal-clear rhetoric from President Joe Biden, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to hear from them that at-home abortions where dead unborn children are burned and disposed of in shallow graves is what they want to be completely legal in America.

Democrats (and sadly some Republicans like Alaska U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski) believe that abortion should be legal in all nine months of pregnancy and that the government has no say or interest in any and all pregnancy outcomes, meaning even botched abortions where viable children are born, but then murdered outside the womb at the hands of abortion doctors (or their own parents) can get off scot-free. 

What a horrific worldview.

It is sickening how much abortion has become an idol for Democrats.

Lord have mercy on this nation if abortion-on-demand up until (and even after) birth is fully legalized in this nation.

The result of the Sexual Revolution

But this is ultimately the fruit of the Sexual Revolution that sought to normalize casual sex with whomever you want, whenever you want, without consequence.

And abortion is the ultimate solution to having sex without consequence as it allows people to callously dispose of the natural result of procreation: a child.

Children are a blessing and a heritage, but this nation seems more comfortable with sacrificing them on the altar of selfishness.

Thank the Lord that Roe v. Wade was overturned, but great work to change the heart of this nation through cultural revival and spiritual revival must be done if we want to see abortion rejected for the evil that it is, instead of it being an idol to be worshipped and protected at all cost.

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