The extreme measures this couple was forced to take while fleeing this would-be criminal will leave you petrified

Bertram Kreuter, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The skyrocketing crime rate in Democrat-controlled cities and states throughout the country is putting working class Americans in grave danger.

There are seemingly fewer and fewer places they can safely take their families every day.

And the extreme measures this couple was forced to take while fleeing this would-be criminal will leave you petrified.

Dangerous criminals are looking to take advantage of tourists

For many working class Americans, summertime means cookouts, pool parties, and a little vacation time. 

Summer vacations have become an integral part of American culture, with many employers offering paid time off to their employees. 

Although a well-planned vacation can help you and your loved ones to reconnect and wind down, a vacation can also bring a lot of stress. 

This is especially true if you and your family travel to one of the many parts of America that has succumbed to out of control crime. 

In June, a couple from California learned this the hard way after a criminal approached them and attempted to steal their car during a trip to Hawaii. 

The robbery happened on June 4 while the couple were driving around in a Ford Mustang rental car.

According to police, “While driving, they were followed by a Toyota Tacoma with its headlights off, which they allowed to pass them.” 

The couple did not think much of this, but “Shortly after, the Tacoma reportedly came to a stop on the roadway, and the male driver exited, pointed a gun at the victims, and told them to get out of their car and start walking,” the local authorities added. 

In an attempt to avoid getting hurt, authorities added that, “The responsible male drove off with the stolen Mustang, and the couple began to walk but then hid behind bushes and boulders on the side of the roadway as the male stopped the Mustang and started driving back toward them.” 

“The male reportedly returned to the area, calling out to the victims and asking them if they wanted the car back.  He continued calling out and looking for the victims, during which time he fired at least one shot with the pistol, causing the couple to believe he was shooting at them,” Hawaii authorities then explained. 

Nearly 24 hours later, the couple made it to the top of a nearby volcano, where park rangers and hikers helped to get them in touch with police. 

Four days after this brazen theft, police apprehended 35-year-old Christopher Helmer, holding him on a $500,000 bail for charges including robbery and carrying or possessing a loaded firearm on a public highway.

Democrat-controlled areas are being overwhelmed by crime

Democrat-controlled parts of America such as Hawaii have become overwhelmed with out of control crime. 

Lawmakers in these areas often allow career criminals to face little accountability for their actions, putting them right back onto the street. 

If Democrat-controlled cities and states, such as Hawaii, do not start to get a grip on crime, it could have a devastating impact on the tourism industry. 

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