The establishment is floating a plan to install this Democrat as President without Americans actually voting

Democrats are known for coming up with all sorts of schemes to consolidate their power over hard working Americans.

But more often than not they at least pretend it’s positive.

Now the establishment is floating a plan to install this Democrat as President without Americans actually voting.

This seems like a real “threat to democracy”

One of the worst kept secrets in American politics is the fact that polls have indicated roughly 75% of Democrats want someone other than Joe Biden to be the Party’s 2024 Presidential nominee.

And apparently, that sentiment is also shared amongst the establishment elite by large.

In fact, according to a new report, the Washington, D.C. establishment even has a plan to install another Democrat into the Presidency without the American people ever casting a single ballot.

That shocking revelation was made recently by The Hill, after they published a plan outlined by former Pentagon and White House official Douglas MacKinnon by which California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom would replace Biden as President – totally by passing the equally unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris – prior to the 2024 Presidential election.

As The Hill explained, the first step of MacKinnon’s plan would involve President Biden replacing Kamala Harris with Gavin Newsom as Vice President.

From there, Joe Biden would become the first President since Richard Nixon to resign the office, allowing Newsom to be elevated to the Presidency without any Americans voting for him.

All because he can raise money

As MacKinnon pointed out, installing Governor Newsom as President could be Democrats’ best bet in 2024.

MacKinnon argued that the fact that a “Red Wave” didn’t materialize in the 2022 Midterms was a result of either “Trump fatigue” or voters’ sheer hatred for the former President, and the fact that it didn’t turn into a “Blue Wave” is proof that the Biden-Harris regime isn’t much more popular.

“As long as [Trump] is still considered a potentially viable candidate for 2024, or a political force by the left, that fatigue and hate will be enough to drive many Americans to the polls to vote against any Republican,” the former Pentagon official explained.

Yet, while Trump seems serious about running for President again, MacKinnon believes that ultimately he will step aside, creating a situation where a weak Biden-Harris ticket faces a much stronger Republican candidate, like Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

That, coupled with the fact that he believes the Midterms’ results prove the nation is evenly divided right down the middle on the issues, MacKinnon concluded that ultra left-wing radical Governor Gavin Newsom is the logical choice for Democrats because he can raise money.

“What Tuesday’s voting demonstrated is that our country is still equally divided and deeply polarized, with no political healing on the horizon,” MacKinnon wrote. “That reality speaks to the need for a proven vote-getter with lots of money and a logistical machine behind him. In Politics 101, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) meets — maybe even exceeds — those qualifications.”

It would be a gift for Republicans

Never mind what a Gavin Newsom Presidency would mean for the American economy.

Never mind the fact that California is literally crumbling on Newsom’s watch as thousands of Californians flee to states like Florida.

Never mind the fact that not a single American would have voted for him.

If Democrats were to try to go along with such a scheme, it could definitely work in Republicans’ favor.

The Left’s obsession with identity politics would obviously cause at least some backlash amongst the radical left-wing, as the optics of Democrats tossing out the first female and black Vice President in favor of a straight, white male won’t go over well with their radical base.

Furthermore, it’s hard to envision a scenario where a guy like Joe Biden flushes a nearly 50-year career in the United States Senate and White House down the drain without ever finishing out a full term in the Oval Office just to make Gavin Newsom’s life easier.

Those facts would obviously cause plenty of intraparty fighting amongst Democrats, and that doesn’t even begin to mention the chaos that will come from passing over many other Democrat politicians who likely think they should be next in line, should Biden be replaced.

But all of that should pale in comparison to the backlash Democrats would receive from the American people for installing someone into the White House without a single vote being cast, especially after all their talk about “protecting democracy.”

Of course, at the same time, these are Democrats we’re talking about.

So it’s likely only a matter of time before the Left begins setting the stage for potentially replacing Joe Biden before the 2024 Presidential election.

The only question is how they choose to go about it.

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