The disgusting, woke extremist “Pride Month” celebration these families woke up to at Disney World will make you sick

CrispyCream27, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Like clockwork on June 1 many woke companies scramble to virtue signal their support for “Pride Month.”

Some companies simply make social media posts while others go all out. 

And the disgusting, woke extremist “Pride Month” celebration these families woke up to at Disney World will make you sick.

This Disney area hotel just made national headlines for all of the wrong reasons 

For generations, families have chosen Disney World and Disneyland as their family’s preferred vacation spot. 

Parents could rest easy knowing that Disney vacations would appeal to their children without any of the inappropriate riffraff found at more adult-centric vacation hotspots.

However, many parents agree that Disney and other large companies have completely gone off the deep end when it comes to their woke messaging. 

Earlier this week, parents were appalled after the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Disney Springs – located in the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort outside Orlando, Florida – set up sexually-explicit decorations for “Pride Month.”

More specifically, families woke up to find a large inflatable teddy bear dressed up in b**dage clothing in the pool area.

The X account @libsofTikTOk shared a picture of the explicit decorations on X with the caption “@CrownePlaza why are you subjecting young children to looking at a b*ndage teddy bear? Disgusting.”

The post went on to explain, “We called the hotel and they told us it was for a private pride event but that the bear will remain up throughout the entire weekend.”

A spokesman for Crowne Plaza Hotel’s parent company, IHG hotels, later clarified that the entire hotel was booked for a private event, however, the sexually-explicit decorations were later moved indoors. 

Although this incident did not involve Disney directly, the company has not shied away from celebrating “Pride Month” and other woke extremist causes.

The Walt Disney Company has faced significant pushback for pushing woke extremist indoctrination in recent films, like Lightyear.

In 2022, for example, footage went viral of Disney Television Animation executive producer Latoya Raveneau saying in a Zoom meeting, “I was just, wherever I could, adding queerness.  No one would stop me, and no one was trying to stop me.”

Parents revolted following the leak of this clip, leading to a massive dip in the company’s stock, and forcing it to rethink its public messaging on this issue. 

The future is not bright for the Disney brand 

Rather than creating fun content and enjoyable theme parks for children, Disney has instead gone down a woke extremist path that many parents find both perverse and disturbing. 

Families must now rethink taking their kids to Disney World to avoid sexually explicit “Pride Month” decorations.

As far as Disney movies are concerned, one box office flop after another proves that people do not hold its productions in high regard.

The future does not look bright for Disney. 

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