The Democrat propaganda machine is working overtime after these new Hunter Biden emails revealed damning new details

Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” is one scandal Democrats just can’t seem to make disappear.

Despite the Biden regime’s best efforts – and a very cooperative Fake News Media – the story continues to get worse by the day.

And now the Democrat propaganda machine is working overtime after these new Hunter Biden emails revealed damning new details.

The Chinese Communist Party’s top American ally

Since the New York Post first revealed Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell,” and his massive web of corruption and shady foreign business dealings began unraveling, it’s been clear that President Joe Biden’s son was the Chinese Communist Party’s top American ally – prior to being exposed, of course.

Hunter Biden went to great lengths to cash in on his father’s political connections, and based on a new report from Fox News, he milked accompanying then-Vice President Biden to China on “diplomatic missions” for all it was worth.

According to emails obtained by Fox News, one of Hunter Biden’s business associates, James Bulger – who just so happens to be the namesake nephew of notorious mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger – asked Hunter to introduce their mutual business associates to a top Chinese Communist official in 2014.

Bulger wrote in the email that Hunter Biden had traveled to China a short time before the email, where he attended a Beijing welcoming dinner for his then-Vice President father, and sat beside Tung Chee-hwa, a Chinese billionaire who was then serving as Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

“According to a 2021 report by The Diplomat, the CPPCC is “designed to liaise with non-Communist Party members – and ultimately see them work with the CCP to advance its interests,” Fox News noted.

In the email, Bulger wrote that since Hunter had already dined with Tung, it would simply be easier for him to make an introduction.

“It is my understanding that during the trip to Beijing that you made with your father, President Xi hosted a welcome dinner,” Bulger wrote. “[A]t that dinner, you were seated right next to Mr Tung, therefore J and Andy believe it would be very helpful if you could please send a brief email to Mr Tung laying out that you are a partner and Board Member of BHR and that You would be grateful to Mr Tung if he could meet your local partners to discuss the Fund.”

Biden and Bulger had previously joined forces to launch a joint-venture with Chinese investment firm Bohai Capital to create BHR Partners (BHR), and “J and Andy” refers to Jonathan Li and Andy Lu, who served as CEO and a BHR committee member, respectively.

“BHR Partners is controlled by Bank of China Limited,” Fox News reported.

“Please let me know if you can introduce these two to Mr Tung by email it is very important to our BHR intiative [sic] at this moment,” Bulger urged Biden in the email.

Playing dumb

Of course, like anyone who’s dealt in as much corruption as Hunter Biden allegedly has, he was sure not to give too much away over email by claiming not to remember who he sat next to.

But at the same time, he wouldn’t have made tens of millions of dollars from these shady foreign business deals with the Chinese Communist Party if he didn’t come through regardless.

“Happy to do this, but I have no email address for Mr. Tung and he very well may have sat next to me but I don’t recall the two gentlemen’s names to my left and right,” Hunter wrote. “Regardless, I would suggest the team draft an email in Mandarin and English for my approval ASAP.”

Fox News went on to report that the “welcome dinner” hosted by Chinese Communist President Xi in question appears to have occurred “December 4, 2013 after then-Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao met with Joe earlier in the day to discuss strengthening U.S.-China relations.”

But despite the outlet’s efforts to reach out to Biden White House “multiple times” in order to obtain a copy of the seating – which they would have kept as part of the “historical record” – they did not respond.

Omission is often a sign of deceit, and no group of people are better at omitting facts that are “inconvenient” to their preferred narrative than Democrats, particularly the Biden regime.

And despite the best efforts of the regime and their Fake News Media allies, this scandal just won’t die.

US Political Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.