The Democrat-controlled media’s refusal to address this horrible pandemic consequence could spell doom for millions

The lies of the COVID regime have been numerous.

Those who told the truth were smeared and censored.

And the Democrat-controlled media’s refusal to address this horrible pandemic consequence could spell doom for millions.

The COVID regime was monomaniacally focused on locking down the country and forcing people to take the vaccine.

There was little consideration given to the consequences of such actions.

Epidemiologists and other experts warned that lockdowns and school closures would have deleterious effects, including educational loss and mental health deterioration, which would ultimately lead to more deaths and despair.

Sadly, drug overdose deaths skyrocketed during the pandemic.

“America has seen a spike in overdose deaths since the pandemic, when drug overdose deaths rose more than 14% from 2020 to 2021,” Just the News reported. “The biggest increase, perhaps surprisingly, came from adults aged 65 and over, but rates for adults 35-44 remain highest. As synthetic opioids like fentanyl continue to displace heroin, overdose deaths have increased. The data, released by the CDC, also show the rate of overdose deaths increased slightly faster for women than for men, though the rate for men remains more than twice as high as for women. ‘Drug overdose deaths have risen fivefold over the past 2 decades,’ the CDC noted. ‘In 2021, 106,699 deaths occurred.’”

This was not an unforeseen consequence.

There were experts warning about it at the time, as well as concerns about less prevention for other illnesses and infectious diseases.

The overdose numbers are harrowing, but not much is being done to address the mental health crises or the flow of illegal drugs into the country.

Just as concerning as overdose deaths, the educational loss has been staggering.

“COVID-19 pandemic caused historic learning setbacks for America’s children, sparing no state or region as it erased decades of academic progress and widened racial disparities, according to results of a national test that provide the sharpest look yet at the scale of the crisis,” The Washington Post admitted. “Across the country, math scores saw their largest decreases ever. Reading scores dropped to 1992 levels. Nearly four in 10 eighth graders failed to grasp basic math concepts. Not a single state saw a notable improvement in their average test scores, with some simply treading water at best.”

Americans were shamed, guilted, and flat-out forced to get on board with every whim of the COVID regime, and the devastating consequences are finally being realized.

Will there be any accountability for what the COVID regime did to the country?