The creator of Netflix’ Black Mirror just gave Americans one reason not to worry about Artificial Intelligence that will make you laugh out loud

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If you believe the talking heads in the media Artificial Intelligence is already here.

ChatGPT has popularized this theory by letting users communicate with an AI chatbot that seems smart.

But now the creator of Netflix’ Black Mirror just gave Americans one reason not to worry about Artificial Intelligence that will make you laugh out loud.

Black Mirror creator explains that he has “toyed around” with ChatGPT to write scripts

The Netflix series Black Mirror has explored some of the darkest and most frightening implications of technology on human life.

The series explores things like implants, intelligent surveillance, killer robot dogs, and the transfer of consciousness from man to machine.

The series’ creator, Charlie Brooker, has a knack for exploiting mankind’s fears of technology and extrapolating them into incredible cinematic storytelling.

Many have said that Brooker is predicting the future and providing ominous warnings about what technology will do for – and to – humans.

Now, the sci-fi writer is exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence to come up with new ideas for his techno-thriller.

And as a result, Brooker has recently “toyed around” with the OpenAI software platform, ChatGPT, and he gave the inside scoop to entertainment site Empire – spoiler alert: he’s not as concerned as most about the current abilities of Artificial Intelligence.

Brooker claims AI showed no “original thought”

In the interview with Empire, Brooker said that he decided to go all-in on Black Mirror by using A.I. to write a new episode for the next season of the series.

He said that he was surprised by the software’s lack of writing skills, describing them as “shit.”

He said that he had been playing with ChatGPT for a while now, but when he decided to type “generate ‘Black Mirror’ episode” into the system, it seemed well written at first, but after looking closer it made no sense at all.

He added that “all it’s done is look up all the synopses” of the show and mashed them into one.

Brooker said that there was no “original thought” at all in the AI’s version of his hit show.

The only positive thing Brooker took away from the experience was that he could see that sometimes he was a bit repetitive in his own writing.

He described it as “a sort of nice, cold glass of water in the face.”

He also gave Empire a sneak preview of what the sixth season is set to bring for Black Mirror.

Next season to feature characters from 1969 in a different technological backdrop

The sixth installment of Black Mirror will present five new episodes to fans of the hit series.

The new season will feature major actors, like Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett, Kate Mara, and Salama Hayek Pinalut.

One episode will see Hartnett, Mara, and Paul go back in time to 1969.

The time isn’t incredibly relevant as it will feature a technologically different era, but it will use the ‘60s backdrop for character development.

The season is centered around two men on a high-tech mission that will provide numerous challenges.

Brooker describes the episode as “sort of dystopian past, present and future.”

Brooker says he thought, “what if I set this in the late ‘60s?”

“That’d be, like, disruptive and cool!” he added. “And then when you actually come to write it, you realize, ‘Oh hang on, if this is a different time and everyone in it is from that time, that actually informs how characters are thinking and behaving.”

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