The corporate-controlled media is desperate to bury these facts about the Colorado Springs shooter

The Left never lets a crisis go to waste.

That is, unless it no longer fits their narrative.

And the corporate-controlled media is desperate to bury these facts about the Colorado Springs shooter.

Shooter identified as “non-binary,” was arrested last year for threatening mother’s life

The Fake News Media is busy sewing together the narrative that the shooting at the Club Q gay bar is a clear example of hate crime fueled by loose gun laws and Trumpism.

Within 24 hours, the so-called “mainstream” media released details about the shooter being the grandson of a Republican California politician, complete with pictures of the grandfather wearing a “Make America Great Again” red hat to drive home the point.

But now three days later, it’s come out that the shooter identifies as non-binary, preferring to be called “they/them” according to court records.

This follows after it was released that the shooter was arrested just last year on suspicion of five felonies after he allegedly threatened to harm his mother with “a homemade bomb, guns and other weapons,” according to the Denver Post.

The shooter also appears to be the son of a porn star with a long arrest record across multiple states.

Of course, Joe Biden immediately called for an assault weapons ban within 24 hours of the shooting and leftists on Twitter are melting down calling it hate crime, but per usual as more details come out, the less it fits their neat little politicized narrative.

Tragic shooting exposes deeper societal issues

While Democrats and even many Republicans are now looking to take political advantage after the tragic shooting in Colorado Springs, the greater societal issues at large are likely to be ignored by the media.

From details that are now coming out about the shooter, a picture is being painted of a deranged individual who has had at least one recent serious run in with law enforcement.

Not only that, but Colorado already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, but they completely failed in stopping this shooter from committing his heinous crime.

But instead of focusing on that, the media is more concerned in making sure that they have his pronouns correct.

Political ramifications to come

Sadly, as the media buries the plain facts of the case and cooks up their own narrative, you can expect politicians in Denver, Washington, D.C. and other state capitols across the country to work on passing more gun control and so-called “anti-discrimination” legislation to protect the LGBT community from hate crimes.

But they won’t stop there. 

Their target is Christians. 

They will use this tragedy to justify censoring Christians from discussing and preaching on biblical sexuality and marriage.

After all, the media has already declared it a hate crime and the fault of Trump supporters and Christians, even though it is becoming clear that the shooter was neither of those things.

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